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When PABCO Gypsum suffered power outages from an unexpected storm, Allied Rental Company was able to provide emergency power services to allow their company’s operations to continue. Allied Rental Company is available 24/7 and was proud they could provide emergency after hours assistance for PABCO Gypsum. PABCO Gypsum would have lost $40,000/day without power, but thanks to Allied’s services, PABCO was able to resume operations normally until the power was restored to the main power grid. 


PABCO Gypsum began operating in 1972 with the acquisition of a wallboard plant in Newark, California. Five years later, the company expanded its gypsum manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of a Las Vegas plant and gypsum quarry in Nevada. Both plants have been expanded and modernized and now supply over 1.65 billion square feet of gypsum board annually. 

PABCO Gypsum is a family-owned company who has adopted practices throughout its operations to minimize its impact on our environment. They have achieved this by reducing and reusing waste materials, managing their water consumption and using alternative energy in some of their production facilities as much as possible. The PABCO Paper Company located in Vernon, CA uses 100% recycled content paper which is used to manufacture gypsum liners for the PABCO Gypsum wallboard. 


In March 2023, Capital City primarily used PABCO board to build many homes in the community. A few of their recent projects includes: 

  1. Winchester Ranch Development: 700 residential units built on a 15.7 acre site.  
  2. Crocker Village Community: High-end, single-family homes in Sacramento.  
  3. Silver Crest at Russel Ranch: One and two-story high-end homes in Folsom, CA. 

The largest project PABCO Gympsum was a part of was the $72 million project for the new Civic Center in Newark, CA that was completed in May 2022. The completion of this Civic Center provided a safe, efficient, customer friendly office space for city administration functions along with a police station/emergency dispatch center, Council Chambers, a world class library and the Civic Center Plaza that serves as a multifunctional event space which was built as a source of pride and community recognition.  

 Like Allied Rental Company, PABCO Gypsum is a family owned and operated company who prides itself on its business that is built on relationships. Our companies share core values including treating customers, employees and suppliers like family and develop relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  

 In February 2023, when an unexpected storm caused a power outage at their manufacturing plant. Allied Rental was able to promise and deliver emergency power services to keep their operations up and running. By Allied keeping PABCO Gypsum operations from shutting down, it allowed supplies to continue being manufactured for the many communities that rely on it’s products to provide homes for a high-demand market.  

The Challenges of a Power Outage for Companies Like PABCO Gypsum…

Power outages are a major challenge for companies of all sizes. Whether your power outage is from an extreme weather event or due to a routine California safety power shutoff, truth is, it can cost your business to lose a large amount of profits. For example, large manufacturing companies such as PABCO Gypsum could potentially lose millions of dollars per hour of facility downtime, making a power outage a huge challenge for their company.

Why PABCO Gypsum Chose Allied Rental:

With Allied Rental’s 24-hour emergency services, they were able to provide generators to get PABCO’s facility back up and running after losing power in the middle of the night. The generators were delivered within hours of the power outage, minimizing loss of profits for PABCO Gypsum. With Allied Rental’s competitive rental rates and discounts available, it made no sense to not do business with Allied.

How PABCO Gypsum used Allied Rental Generators:

Allied Rental made it easy to use the generators. Their team was very knowledgeable and assisted electrician with connecting to the building. Delivery and set up was included in the cost. They provided extra cables and any other supplies needed to keep our business running and making profits. Diesel fuel deliveries were set up with Allied and routine maintenance were provided by Allied. This gave our company ease to not have to worry about power and continue business as usual. When power outage was resolved, Allied Rental picked up the generators with no assistance needed. The entire process was smooth and efficient. We highly recommend Allied Rental for your Rental needs.

The Results

Thanks to Allied Rental’s emergent response to PABCO Gypsum’s power outage, they were able to keep their manufacturing plant running 24 hours a day for one week while they experienced a power outage. In the end, Allied is proud to say that we saved this company from losing $40,000 each day totaling $280,000 dollars while keeping their employees on the clock.


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