Dehumidification for Food Storage and Processing

Dehumidifation for food processing and storage

Dehumidification Food Processing and Storage

Weather its a pharmaceutical facility , food processing or other manufacturing operation , we can help meet the environmental needs of any project large and small.


Dehumidification for Food Processing and Storage

Companies that process and store food must maintain a clean and pathogen-free environment. Excess humidity is the enemy of an efficient food processing system. Moisture in the air can cause condensation to develop and bacteria to grow – and these can damage the packaging and lead to dangerous bacterial outbreaks.

Regulating temperature and humidity levels at every stage along the production line is critical to ensuring your produce arrives at its destination both on time and in a state that is fit to consume.

The Harmful Effects of Humidity on Food Processing & Storage

Humidity can have an affect on food from the moment it is produced and packaged. Labelling adhesion, for example, is a challenge if droplets of moisture are allowed to form on packaging, while hygroscopic powders such as premixed cocoa or some soups are prone to agglomeration, as they absorb moisture from the air and clump together.

But humidity can also cause more serious outcomes than a ruined product; harmful bacteria such as E. coli or streptococcus are known to thrive in the nutrient-rish environment of a food processing area if the temperature and conditions are left unchecked.

A high-quality dehumidification system can help prevent these failures and give your business a boost in some unexpected ways. Benefits of a dehumidifier that can been designed and fitted specifically for your requirements include:

1. Take Control

By regulating the humidity of your food processing or storage area, a dehumidifier takes the guesswork out of every step and procedure. An uncontrolled area is subject to the whims of weather patterns, whereas a system that maintains perfect environmental conditions will help you drive and improve production times by giving you control of your timelines and outcomes.

2. Improve Your Product

The best way for any business to grow is simple: deliver better goods. Or to put it another way, the fastest way to tank a client relationship is to ship a defective or dangerous batch of food. Taking excess humidity out of the equation will enable you to process or store your edible items in a safe, stable and sustainable way – which means no spoiling, no bad smells, and no bacteria.

3. Waste Less

In an uncontrolled food processing or storage unit, things are bound to go wrong. Every time an entire batch of produce is spoiled or a single label fails to adhere, that is a failed product that needs to be thrown out. That waste is not only bad for the environment but can also be catastrophic for your bottom line.

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