Gypcrete drying

fast gypcrete drying


Gypcrete is a common material in new construction where the builder is installing radiant heat flooring throughout the home.

If you’re going to install wood flooring on top of gypcrete  it is important to make sure that the gypCrete has dried completely within the acceptable wood flooring moisture content standard range .



If the wood flooring manufacturer specifies that subfloor must be dried to at least 7% moisture content then trying equipment can be a useful tool to achieving this dry standard in a timely manner.

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gypcrete heaters and dryers
we can dry gypcrete fast with heaters and dryer machines
Drying Gypcrete floor for radiant heating
Use heating and ventilation equipment to control moisture and supply enough heat for the gypcrete to dry.







The building needs to be heated to a minimum of 50 degrees prior to pouring, and maintained at that temperature until cured. Freezing inhibits the gypsum crystals from bonding. This will cause a weak floor that may crumble, peel, or delaminate.

Q: How long does the floor slab take to cure?

A: Cure time is dependant on several different factors.







Do not install floor coverings until gypsum floors are totally cured. The flooring subcontractor should be responsible for testing for dryness before installation of finished floor goods.


How do i speed up the drying of Gypcrete?

Step 1

Install gypcrete after placing up the drywall. Brush off any dirt, dust or other materials from the floor with the broom. Use a vacuum or portable dry-vac to siphon any particles from the corners of the room.

Step 2

Replace any damaged boards if installing gypcrete on a wood subfloor. Remove doorway baseplates. Mix the gypcrete per instructions for the type you are using. Pump the gypcrete through the hose onto the floor, sweeping the hose in a slow manner so the gypcrete becomes evenly distributed.

Step 3

Pour 1/2 inch of gypcrete onto concrete, or 3/4 inch of gypcrete over tongue-and-groove wooden subfloor with 16-inch to 24-inch truss or beam spacings. Sweep a float trowel over the gypcrete until the floor has an even surface.

Step 4

Use heating , drying and dehumidification and ventilation equipment to control moisture and supply enough heat for the gypcrete to dry.

Allow the gypcrete to fully dry for five to seven days, although you can walk on it after 90 minutes to finish light construction work.