Dehumidification for Agriculture

Dehumidification for Agriculture

Temperature and humidity levels are critical in the indoor growing environment.
Our tools and equipment help to meet our clients specific growing needs. Weather its temp heat , cooling, and moisture control, we’ve got the solution for you.

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Dehumidification for Agriculture

Indoor growing spaces have changed farming forever. No matter what you are growing, your crops are bound to be safer and more productive in a stable and sustainable environment, out of the unpredictable weather and away from pests.

By moving your crops indoors, you save on water, power and space. Another plus: a customised urban space allows you to control every aspect of the growing process. But only if you do it right.

Your produce won’t grow by magic: for best results, you need to carefully regulate the temperature and humidity of your crop’s growing environment.

Swings in either temperature or humidity could lead to a lower yield, or worse. Most indoor crops require a humidity level between 3 and 55 percent – but if it is allowed to rise above 60 percent, your plants could develop an array of harmful molds, allergens and unhealthy bacterial growth. High (or low) humidity also prevents plants from absorbing CO2 effectively, hindering efficient photosynthesis and stunting their growth.

By controlling the environment of your growing room, you are giving your plants the best chance of producing a high yield. That’s where a dehumidifier comes in. The size and capacity of your dehumidifier will of course depend on your specific space and crop, but even the smallest growing space will require a dehumidification system in order to reach its productivity potential.

Because of the very many factors that can affect an indoor garden, a dehumidifier is the only way to accurately and effectively control the humidity of the room at all times.

Dehumidifiers are a part of many homes across the United States and used as a way to create a comfortable living setting in spite of wild swings in weather patterns. The majority of these are not suitable for a growing space, however, as they are designed and built for light, residential use only.

These low-capacity machines will need large amounts of power to run if they are switched on for hours on end and can produce too much heat for your plants to handle. A commercial-grade dehumidifier is better-equipped to meet your garden’s needs by:

● Using less energy to operate;
● Effectively regulating the humidity of a larger growing area;
● Removing larger quantities of moisture from the air;
● Running at all hours without spiking your power bill; and
● Controlling its heat output without endangering your plants.

An inadequate dehumidification system can spell disaster for your indoor farm, however big or small. The right investment will help guard against a range of problems, from mold to moisture and sky-high utility bills.

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