Dehumidification for Construction & Restoration

Dehumidifation for Construction and Restoration

Dehumidification Construction and Restoration

Construction and restoration industries have relied on our tools equipment and knowledge to tackle tough water damage, environmental remediation , fire damage and other natural disasters. Temporary power , dehumidification and cooling help to keep the indoor environment in control .


Dehumidification for Construction and Restoration Companies

Water seeps into homes in all kinds of ways. Whether you are building a new property or restoring a damaged one, moisture that has been absorbed deep into the walls, floor and foundations can cause a variety of serious structural issues.

Floods and fires are common causes of water damage – disasters like these can lead to long-lasting damage that requires a complete overhaul to repair. But even small cracks can allow water to be absorbed, and over time this moisture can build to unmanageable levels.

Water inside a building that is under construction can pose a challenge to contractors and a hazard to residents. Most modern building materials are prone to absorbing water, and wallboarding or fireproofing a premises is often simply not feasible without them.

For example, after a flood or fire, many homeowners will find their floor is the worst affected. Eliminating all traces of moisture from the area is essential before restoration can begin. If the concrete slab under the floor is too wet, it will be difficult to install any kind of flooring that requires adhesive, such as vinyl tiling or fiber-backed carpeting. Hardwood can be affected because it may expand as it absorbs the moisture, and this will affect both the cost and finish time of the project.

Worse yet, trapped moisture will encourage the growth of mold. This is both a health hazard to anyone on the property and a time-cosuming, costly challenge to repair.

Then there is the water that goes into building to consider. Many building materials, such as concrete screed and other floor-leveling products, require water in their application. Because they need to be applied over a large area, the water they use will add to the moisture in the air of the space and can lead to a humid environment.

Controlling Humidity Is Essential for Construction & Restoration Projects

Closely measuring and carefully regulating moisture in the air around a building site is the only way to control dry times, predict the effectiveness of adhesive materials and ensure your project is a success.

If you fail to properly remove enough moisture from the air around your construction or restoration site, water can remain trapped in building materials for a great deal of time, causing costly delays in the construction process.
Every construction site requires a specific moisture level for best results. Time of year, size of the space and length of the project are all factors you will need to consider in creating an ideal building environment.

You will also need to choose between the varieties of dehumidification systems on offer. A portable desiccant dehumidifier should be sufficient for most small- to medium-scale construction or restoration jobs. Call (415) 644-5792 or use our Contact Form to speak with a member of our team about the system that is right for you.