Dry ice blaster rental services San Francisco

Dry ice blaster rental San Francisco, Novato, San Rafael, Napa

Dry ice blaster rental services San Francisco

Eco Friendly Abrasive dry ice blaster cleaning

  • Aerodynamic loading reduces wear on pads and rotor, increasing machine life
  • Compact motor that reduces weight and lowers power consumption
  • Enhanced rotor that provides pulse-free consistent pellet flow and precision
  • feed rate control
  • Full range of blast pressure
  • Onboard pressure regulator

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  • Unique Features
  • Performance SureFlow System
  • Full range of pressure
  • Reliable pellet flow
  • Minimized sublimation
  • Minimal air/ice usage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe operation
  • Rugged and mobile
  • Most advanced nozzles
  • ESD (static) control



Media Used 3mm
Supply operation Electrical
Air supply pipe size 1″
Pipe length 5m
Nozzles Range of nozzles
Gun Easy changeable nozzles
Electrical operation
Hose configuration Single hose
Control Panel Electrical
Pellet feed Adjustable
0-108 kg/hr
Operation Read manual before operation
Type of wheel rear Large
Type of wheel front Large castor
Maintenance Check regular intervals
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 914 x 508 x 1016
Weight 118.2kg
Hopper capacity 18.2kg
Required air supply pressure 1.4 – 9.7 bar
Required air supply flow 50 – 215 cfm
Certification EC