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The DriTec 150 desiccant dehumidifier uses a silica gel rotor to adsorb moisture from the air. It exhausts this moisture to the outside through a damp stream of ducted air. Since a desiccant does not depend on air temperature or dewpoint to remove moisture, it’s an excellent choice for difficult or specialty drying situations. Use for hardwoods, books, documents

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High-Capacity Water Removal

The Dri-Eaz 7000XLi Dehumidifier is a low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier that continues removing moisture even in dry, low-temperature environments. This is because LGR dehumidifiers have better heat exchange and defrost abilities over traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers, making them reliable solutions for restoration tasks. The 7000XLi removes up to 235 pints per day maximum in a saturated space (90 degrees F, 90% relative humidity), in addition to its AHAM-tested removal efficiency of 130 pints per day.

This system’s high-power condensate pump continuously pumps collected moisture out of the dehumidifier for low-hassle emptying. Simply route the included 40-foot drain hose to the quick connect port and route it to a nearby drain, bucket, sink, or the outdoors. Condensate can also be pumped vertically up to 20 feet if necessary. An integrated sealed pump basin protects the drying space in the event of an overflow due to an unexpected shutdown.


  • Compact commercial desiccant unit
  • Stackable for storage, transport, and operation
  • Quick filter change with no need for tools
  • Protected control panel
  • Durable rotor for tough environments

Operating Range : 0 to 100°F (-18 to 38°C) Water Removal : MAX 32 pints/day (15 L) Water Removal : (68°/60% RH) 27.5 pints/day (13 L) Process Airflow : 88 CFM (150 CMH) Rated Heat Output : 2866 BTUs/hr Reactivation Airflow : 15 CFM (25 CMH) Duct ring size : 4 in (10 cm) Digital Hour Meter : Yes Power : 115V 8.7 amps Cord length : 10 ft (3 m)

  • Removes up to 15 gallons of water from the air a day
  • Super convenient size
  • Hotgas bypass for fast defrost
  • Rugged rotomolded housing – stackable! Electronic touch­pad controls
  • Rigid handle – designed for rugged service Semi­ pneumatic wheels for easy
  • transport Built­in duct attachment ring

Commercial Drying Equipment Commercial Series mobile desiccant dehumidifier units are available from 600 to 4,800 SCFM. The MS 600 is designed to deliver 600 SCFM of process air and runs on less than 30 amps of electricity on 220 volts. The MS 2400/2000 will fit through a standard door opening. The deep grain depression, portability, ease of use and sturdy stainless steel construction make these Commercial Series desiccant dehumidifiers the right choice . Available Accessories:

  • (2) Swivel Locking and (2) Fixed Castors
  • Remote Humidistat
  • Power Cord Kit
  • Trailer Mounting
  • Cage Mounting
  • 18” or 20” Round Supply Connections

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Weights and Dimensions subject to change without notice *3.5” External Static Pressure Revised 3/17/2014 MS-4800/4000-ARID-Dry Units Model CFM Fuel Type Length Width Height Weight CDH-RC-134 4,800/4,000* Electric 92” ** 43” 60” 1,785 lbs CDH-RC-134 4,800/4000* Gas 92” ** 43” 60” 1,785 lbs Moisture Moisture Moisture Moisture Moisture Moisture Removal Removal Removal Removal Removal Removal Lbs/Hr Gallons/Day Lbs/Hr Gallons/Day Lbs/Hr Gallons/Day Model 80°/60% RH 80°/60% RH 55°/80% RH 55°/80% RH 40°/80% RH 40°/80% RH CDH-RC-134-E 110 317 95 275 67 192 CDH-RC-134-G 110 317 95 275 67 192 Electric Electric Gas CFH Gas Gallon/HR Natural Reactivation Reactivation Reactivation Max Max Pipe LP Inlet Gas Inlet Load FLA Load FLA Load Usage Usage Model Size Pressure Pressure 230/1/60 460/3/60 230/1/60 NG LP Gas ½” 7-14” w.c. 7-14” w.c. N/A N/A 55.2 320 3.2

Available Accessories:

  • Remote Humidistat
  • Cooling Coil Modules
  • Heating Coil Modules
  • Trailer Mounting
  • 18” or 20” Round Connections
  • Ductwork and layflat
  • **Casters and brackets -add 14” to length