Phoenix 250 MAX

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Removing 145 ppd at AHAM conditions, the 250 MAX is our newest Stainless Series LGR dehumidifier.

The Phoenix 250 MAX brings the latest Phoenix technology to our Restoration line.

Engineered high efficiency and high-temperature operation into one amazingly effective drying machine: the 250 MAX. A top-level professional dehumidifier, 250 MAX gives you outstanding low grain operation coupled with exceptional high-temperature performance.

250 MAX Specifications
  Part No. 4030010
  Power 8.2 Amps; 851 Watts
145 Pints/Day @ AHAM (80°F, 60%)
  Blower 365 CFM
33°F to 125°F
  W x H x D 20″ x 40″ x 23″
  Weight 119 Lbs.