Ozone Generator

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The Oasis Plus Ozone Generator performance features include the a hermetically sealed severe application transformer designed specifically for harsh electrical and environmental demands imposed by continuous-duty corona discharge ozone generation.

The transformer is a recognized UL component. Because of its durability the warranty on the transformer has been increased to three years.

Ozone is the strongest oxidant commercially available and is a proven deodorizer. The Oasis Plus ozone generator doesn’t just cover up foul odors; it actually destroys the molecules that cause them.

Fire restoration; smoke elimination, removes mold, mildew and other organic odors
Quickly deodorizes hotel/motel, hospital and meeting rooms
Excellent for freshening up cars, buses, boats and aircraft

Oasis Plus ozone generator has a patented high-density ceramic and stainless steel electrode corona discharge system, manufactured with stainless steel probes encased in ceramic with an outer stainless steel sleeve. No place for dirt or impurities to accumulate. They are maintenance free and are guaranteed for life. No old fashioned plates to clean or corrode. Let the Oasis Plus ozone generator clear the air for you.

NOTE: Ozone can be hazardous to organics such as plants, pets, and people. These type of organic items should not be present in a room when using the Oasis Plus Ozone Generator.