NoiseBarrier NR 40.1 dB; NA 96 (MQ Logo)

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Echo Barrier is an easy-to-install, easyto-move and easy-to-store, cost-effective
solution for all noise attenuation needs. This
acoustic absorption and attenuation system
is highly durable, lightweight, waterproof, fire,
chemical and dust resistant.
The system is currently used by firms in the
construction, public transportation, mining,
utilities, power generation, demolition and event
industries, across five continents.

What makes Echo Barrier so effective?
Front outer layer — Extremely durable, waterproof, high quality PVC,
with optimum mass to ensure maximum noise reduction while retaining a
professional appearance.
Acoustic absorbent — Highest grade acoustic absorbent made from
bio-degradable recycled material, prevents noise reflecting off the barrier.
Waterproof, breathable membrane — Allows noise to be absorbed but
keeps water out.
Durable reinforced mesh — Extends product life to retain acoustic
performance in harsh working environments.

Why Mitigate Noise?
Compliance — Meet all noise standards set by Federal,
Regional and Local regulations and building codes.
Win Business — Noise reduction is fast becoming an intricate
part of the tender application process.
Reduce Costs — Costly project suspensions and fines can
now be avoided
Reputation & Responsibility — Minimize noise complaints
from all stakeholders

NOTE — Most major companies understand the importance
of corporate image and are proactive to their responsibilities to
local residents, surrounding businesses and the enviroment.
These companies will usually seek out a noise mitigation
solution in advance of a project or event start up.