Do You Need 3-phase Power or a Spider Box?

200 amp power distribution panel

Do You Need 3-phase Power or a Spider Box?

There are a number of different portable power distribution units to choose from, but which one is the best fit for your job? In this post, we’ll explore 3-phase and spider power boxes, which will help you figure out which would be most suited for your job.

Having access to portable power can simplify a number of jobs, including construction, mining, and industrial jobs. There are many different options as far as portable power distribution carts, but it can be tricky to figure out which model is best suited to your job.

Power distribution carts are composed of steel to ensure they are dependable and durable. Power carts are used to break down electrical currents for easy distribution of power from various sources including direct grids and generators. Portable power units conveniently eliminate the need for on-site hard wiring and allow safe access to GFCI protected power.

In order to select a power distribution cart that is most suited to your job, it’s important to note the type of equipment you’ll be using. Spider boxes and 3-phase portable power carts vary in amps and voltage, so it’s important to know as much as you can about your equipment before renting a portable power cart. For example, if your job requires the use of large equipment you might want to consider using a 3-phase power distribution cart.

A Spider box is a type of portable power distribution unit that is engineered to maximize compatibility with the latest GFCI technology, which provides the user with excellent electrical safety. Spider boxes are protected by a GFCI module which gives the user the benefits of ground fault protection as well as open neutral and reverse phasing protection.

Our Spider boxes are listed to UL 1640 standards for portable power distribution and are expertly designed to withstand the toughest job-site conditions. All of our units are carefully assembled to provide the highest level of electrical safety and meet the current OSHA standards. If you have a tough job, our rugged Spider box might be the right choice for you.

A 3-phase portable power cart is more versatile because there is a selection of different models based on the unit’s amp and voltage capabilities.

Our 3-phase power distribution carts are equipped with a power distribution panel that acts as a feeder for the portable power cart. The configuration of the 3-phase power box is the best choice for jobs that will be using large equipment. The 3-phase power distribution carts we carry come with a variety of input power available including direct wire feed, 100A pin and sleeve, or cam type devices. The 3-phase portable power distribution cart can be powered by a large generator or another large power source. The cart is made of heavy gauge tube steel which is portable and extremely durable. The enclosure for the 3-phase power cart is a custom configuration, composed of 16 gauge stainless steel sheet metal. Our 3-phase power cart is available in 100A, 200A, and 400A models, with special configurations available upon request.