How Can Air Purifiers with HEPA Filters Protect Your Health?

Our environment is filled with various pollutants and other potentially harmful particles that can be a serious detriment to one’s health over time. Smoke, pollen, and mold are annual hazards for millions of people every year across the United States.

While many know that air purifiers are a trusted solution to these problems, they do not often know which purifier will be most effective at preventing these particles from entering their homes and businesses.

The truth is that the most effective purifiers at protecting your health are equipped with HEPA filters, and today, we are going to explain how these filters work and why you should consider choosing a HEPA purifier for your space.

HEPA Filters: Why They’re Effective

All air purifiers are equipped with filters that are made to trap small particulates that could otherwise be inhaled and make you sick, but they are not all made equal. HEPA filters are made with extra-fine mesh that will trap smaller particles, even those as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

This mesh is a much tighter and stronger barrier against pollen, dust, and air pollutants that come from smoke.

When HEPA Filters are Most Effective

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are not necessarily the best option in every application, but there are situations in which they are more effective than other types of purifiers.

  • smoke season in areas frequented by wildfires
  • allergy season (typically spring when pollen is heavy in the air)
  • any building in which some mold spores may be present
  • particularly dusty environments

The fine mesh will trap most of these hazardous particles in the filter and keep the air safe and clean to breathe.

When HEPA Filters are Not Effective

Having tightly woven mesh in your air filter isn’t a guarantee that the air you breathe is protected from every harmful airborne substance. Even HEPA filters can’t keep out anything smaller than 0.3 micrometers.

Many mistakenly think that these purifiers will protect against viruses, most bacteria, and several types of mold spores. HEPA filters will not prevent you from contracting viral illnesses, and many air purifier sellers falsely claim that they do. While these filters will prevent several hazardous materials and particulates from entering your building or home, they are not a perfect solution.

Allied Rental: HEPA Air Purifiers You Can Trust

If you are interested in protecting your environment and your body from the potentially dangerous things that nature can throw your way, an air purifier with a HEPA filter may be your best option.

Unless you have the space and the need to buy one of these purifiers for year-round use, though, it is smarter to rent one only when you need it. This is the more cost effective and space-saving option in the long run.

Allied Rental makes it easy to rent air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and more for commercial, industrial, and residential use. Our experts work with you to assess all of your needs and concerns, helping you pick out the appliance that is best suited to your situation.

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