How Many Square Feet Can You Cool with Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco?

Being left to brave the blaze after your central air system goes AWOL is a sweltering nightmare. But imagine taking the time to pay for, transport, and install an emergency cooling system only to discover it’s dropped temps by a single measly degree –Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco that’s a sweaty disaster.

Temporary cooling equipment in San Francisco can be a lifesaver in more ways than one. Not only can it prevent prolonged exposure to hot conditions, which often leads to dehydration and heat exhaustion, but it will also control moisture levels in your home or office, safeguarding it against mold and moisture damage, according to WebMD.

But a cooling system that can’t handle the amount of air in your home or office is just going to be a wheezing annoyance. And one that’s too big for your space will cool down the air too quickly, resulting in a clammy, ice-cold atmosphere.

Follow the guide below to figure out which emergency cooling system in San Francisco will work best for you:

Cooling a Small Space

According to Consumer Reports, window units reign supreme in small spaces. Not only are they quiet, but they’re also the cheapest to rent or buy.

Small window units can cool around to 100 to 300 square feet while medium and large units are capable of cooling up to 450 and 600 square feet, respectively.

Be warned: the bigger units are heavy and can be difficult to install. You should always call a trained technician to ensure that your temporary cooling equipment is set up safely and correctly.

Cooling a Larger Single Room

Portable air conditioners are a popular emergency cooling solution. Not only can they be moved from room to room, but most models are capable of cooling between 5,000 to 15,500 British thermal units (that’s around 900 square feet), substantially more than even the best window units.

However, these units are often incredibly noisy, not to mention heavy. In theory, they’re easy to transport, but in practice, the wheels often snag on carpets and scrape wooden floors.

Speak with a trained technician to ensure that your portable cooling equipment is suitable for your home.

Cooling Multiple Rooms

If your central air system has been damaged, chances are your whole home is in desperate need of a breath of cold, refreshing air. Split ductless cooling equipment is a powerful substitute for your old system, capable of cooling multiple rooms.

The most powerful split ductless units can cool up to 1,500 square feet of space. They also have the added benefit of being nearly completely silent and are often packed with features such as remote controls and multiple modes, which are not found on the other types of cooling equipment.

However, this quality of life comes at a price, with most temporary split ductless systems costing over $1,000.

Need Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco? 

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