Is your business prepared for power outage ?

PG&E “PSPS” power shutdowns due to high wind and dry weather tend to me more likely to happen between July and November in California . Allied has responded to these unique challenges that our community faces. We have added Diesel Generators to our fleet and services. We have also invested heavily in air purification equipment which is helpful to provide cleaner indoor air quality during smokey fall out from wildfires. Here are some examples of how we have been able to help our valued customers.
  1. Some recent examples of our work
    Last season we helped a local grocery store prepare for power outages to minimize business downtime and inventory . see story here. Allied Helps Local grocer during power outage
  2. How to preparing for power outages
    1. Determine the proper size back up generator for your business. See sizing comparison here
    2. Use our generator amp chart
    3. Install a transfer switch so your building can connect to a temporary generator when needed.

    1. Schedule an appointment here 1 hr, 30 min, and 15 min meeting


  1. Ways to improve air quality with smoke in the air .
    1. Utilize Hepa air filtration
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