What Is A Negative Air Machine?

2000 cfm negative air scrubber

What Is A Negative Air Machine?

Imagine working on remodeling your dream home when suddenly, you encounter a stale smell. As you continue to investigate, your eyes suddenly begin to water and you feel a slight onset of dizziness. You decide the leave the scene and conduct some further research to solve the problem. Upon speaking to construction professionals and conducting your own research, you find out that your beloved home is suffering from indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution can create a host of problems for industrial construction sites. In addition, homes, offices, and warehouses can be deeply impacted by this problem. Ideally, debris from mold, condensation, and dust would evaporate into the air; causing no real harm. Unfortunately, when industrial sites are compromised due to high toxic levels, heavy machinery is required to essentially clean the air. Many common symptoms of air pollution can be as simple as itchy eyes or as complicated as tachycardia which impacts cardiovascular health. In extremely severe cases, rashes, fevers, loss of hearing, and even vomiting can occur.

What Is A Negative Air Machine?

Negative air machines work to eliminate harmful particles found in the air that could potentially be toxic. Ducting is the main source of removal and it works best in an enclosed, controlled environment. Toxic air is filtered through the machine to create negative air pressure. The machine catches the harmful particles through specific filters which works to cease their movement throughout the site. The process is quite similar to how vacuums operate.

Who Can Benefit From Using An Air Machine?

Air machines work to catch harmful particles found in the air to avoid further pollution. This machine can assist in homes, buildings, hospitals, construction sites, and even libraries. Since every building is susceptible to mold and pollutants, an air machine can help to cleanse and purify almost any environment. However, air machines are targeted to large scale professional events due to the amount of traffic and exposure to potential harmful elements. Such events include sports arenas, manufacturing sites, corporations, and universities. What’s wonderful about these units is that they have the ability to eliminate odors as well! No more covering up pesky smells with cloudy air fresheners that only add toxic properties to the air. With an air machine, your overall quality of breathing will drastically improve. This can lead to a host of benefits such as mental clarity, allergy reduction, and immunity defense.

How to Determine the Type of Negative Air Machine to Invest In

Investing in one of these units can help improve the overall health of your environment if you live or work in an area with high indoor pollution. There are many factors to consider when shopping around for the best machine for your needs. When operating on a professional, industrial level, the industry standard recommends a system of six air changes per hour. By keeping that in mind, you will be able to narrow down your options. Determine how large the area is by calculating the total square footage, and calculate how long it takes the machine to clean the air in an hours span. By doing so, you will have a clearer understanding of the size of unit you need.