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temporary cooling system

Summer brings about a feeling of excitement and inspiration as the air gets warmer. Although this time of the year is exciting, it also brings about a less than desirable temperature: excessive heat. Many construction sites and buildings suffer from harsh working conditions that leave those exposed hot and muggy. In addition, unforeseen occurrences can leave HVAC systems malfunctioning. When traditional air conditioning systems shut down, what can commercial businesses use in the meantime?

Temporary Cooling Units

Temporary cooling units work to provide air conditioning to large-scale environments to ensure comfort during routine shutdowns or emergency HVAC failures. They are portable and can provide the same amount of cooling as traditional HVAC systems as a temporary solution. In addition, some brands are eco-friendly, and many are cost-effective. Some are also programmed to provide heat during colder climates, providing a versatility that is needed during some parts of the year.

Many businesses love temporary cooling units because they lower their monthly energy bill in comparison to traditional HVAC units. Since the temperature is being controlled by a portable unit, users are able to turn the machine on and off at their disposal and it can be returned once the weather cools off a bit.

The Mobile Cool MOB-100

The Mobile Cool MOB-100 is an easy way to provide cooling to your business. It’s baby blue color just makes you feel cooler by looking at it! It is portable, modern, and compact. Weighing 1350 pounds, this 59 by 96 unit is ideal for any backup cooling system.

This model is specifically designed for large spaces and is able to handle 126,000 BTU/h. That marks it as the top of the line for optimal performance in large spaces. In addition, it comes with an electric heating option that ranges from 18-54 kW. This unit also works to remove condensation from the air. When set at 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it can roughly remove 1 gph.

With its cord measuring 100 feet, users are able to place this unit within a practical distance. This unit is specifically manufactured to handle special events such as weddings, parties, and festivals. It can be used as a means of HVAC support when commercial maintenance occurs. Finally, the Mobile Cool MOB-100 is ideal for aerospace industries. This unit definitely gets the job done!

Benefits of Temporary Cooling Units

Temporary cooling units offer a host of benefits. Users are able to control the temperature without sacrificing extra energy. This efficient outlook enables users to save money when utilizing temporary cooling units. Since they are used to cool rather large environments, this unit is ideal for cooling everything from warehouses to wedding tents, making it a versatile and dependable piece of equipment.

Where Can I Get The Mobile Cool MOB-100

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Allied Rental and check out the Mobile Cool MOB-100 for your cooling needs. While you’re there, you may encounter other awesome units that can prove to be beneficial to your construction or commercial needs.