600kW Diesel Generator (Permanent Backup Install)

600kW Diesel Generator MPS
SD600, MD600
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Generac designs and manufactures key components in a vertically integrated environment, ensuring the highest reliability and quality standards. The generator engines can be easily serviced by a qualified diesel technician.
KEY: SD = single unit, diesel fuel MD = modular/paralleling unit, diesel fuel

Digital H Control Panel- Dual 4×20 Display
Program Functions
• Programmable Crank Limiter
• 7-Day Programmable Exerciser
• Special Applications Programmable Logic Controller
• RS-232/485 Communications
• All Phase Sensing Digital Voltage Regulator
• 2-Wire Start Capability
• Date/Time Fault History (Event Log)
• Isochronous Governor Control
• Waterproof/Sealed Connectors
• Audible Alarms and Shutdowns
• Not in Auto (Flashing Light)
• Auto/Off/Manual Switch
• E-Stop (Red Mushroom-Type)
• NFPA110 Level I and II (Programmable)
• Customizable Alarms, Warnings, and Events
• Modbus® Protocol
• Predictive Maintenance Algorithm
• Sealed Boards
• Password Parameter Adjustment Protection
• Single Point Ground
• 16 Channel Remote Trending
• 0.2 msec High Speed Remote Trending
• Alarm Information Automatically Annunciated
on the Display
Full System Status Display
• Power Output (kW)
• Power Factor
• kW Hours, Total, and Last Run
• Real/Reactive/Apparent Power
• All Phase AC Voltage
• All Phase Currents
• Oil Pressure
• Coolant Temperature
• Coolant Level
• Engine Speed
• Battery Voltage
• Frequency
Alarms and Warnings
• Oil Pressure
• Coolant Temperature
• Coolant Level
• Engine Overspeed
• Battery Voltage
• Alarms and Warnings Time and Date Stamped
• Snap Shots of Key Operation Parameters During
Alarms and Warnings
• Alarms and Warnings Spelled Out (No Alarm Codes

Make Perkins
Cylinder # 6
Type In-Line
Displacement – In3 (L) 1,106.36 (18.13)
Bore – in (mm) 5.71 (145)
Stroke – in (mm) 7.20 (183)
Compression Ratio 14.5:1
Intake Air Method Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Cylinder Head Type 4-Valve
Piston Type Aluminum
Crankshaft Type I-Beam Section
Engine Governing
Governor Electronic Isochronous
Frequency Regulation (Steady State) ±0.25%
Lubrication System
Oil Pump Type Gear
Oil Filter Type Full Flow
Crankcase Capacity – qt (L) 47.55 (45)
Cooling System
Cooling System Type Centrifugal
Fan Type Pusher
Fan Speed – RPM 1,439
Fan Diameter – in (mm) 38 (965)
Fuel System
Fuel Type Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel #2
Carburetor ASTM
Fuel Filtering (Microns) Primary 10 – Secondary 2
Fuel Inject Pump Electronic
Injector Type MEUI
Engine Type Pre-Combustion
Fuel Supply Line – in (mm) 0.5 (12.7) NPT
Fuel Return Line – in (mm) 0.5 (12.7) NPT
Engine Electrical System
System Voltage 24 VDC
Battery Charger Alternator Standard
Battery Size See Battery Index 0161970SBY
Battery Voltage (2) – 12 VDC
Ground Polarity Negative