The XAS 110  Diesel Air Compressor Rental

The XAS 110 KD air compressor The XAS 110 is the result of over a decade of continuous development. This compressor is perfect for single tool applications (or two if the new RTEX breaker is used) and for sites with difficult access and terrain. This model is part of our legendary 8 Series range. The models in the 8 Series have three key things in common:

  • Lightweight: Always below 1650 Lbs. A footprint at least 10% more compact than any other option.
  • Service: Simplicity, speed and long service intervals.
  • Built better: More features as standard. Breaking new ground when it comes to efficiency

The result is a compressor which can produce 110 CFM without the need for any exhaust after treatment. The 8 Series ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering outstanding performance in all of these categories.

100 CFM

Key Specifications

Maximum Unloading Working Pressure 128 psi
Actual Free Air Delivery 106 cfm
Horsepower 31 bhp