Rent or Buy Temporary Cooling Equipment in San Francisco

Rent or Buy Temporary Cooling Equipment in San FranciscoIn the sweltering summer months, going without A/C for just a few minutes can seem like torture. If your air conditioner has stopped working or if you need to cool an area that isn’t connected to your HVAC system, contact ARC and ask about our temporary cooling equipment.

We carry a wide selection of cooling systems, and if you’re not sure which unit is right for your needs, one of our contractors will help you find the perfect pick. Call 415-644-5792 today to get a quote, or Click Here to browse our line of temporary cooling equipment.

Read on to learn three factors to consider when renting or buying temporary cooling systems in San Francisco:

1. Window Units vs. Portable Air Conditioners vs. Split Ductless Systems

The right cooling system for your needs ultimately depends on the size of the room you want to cool and whether you’re looking for a fixed or portable unit. Window units are typically the cheapest option, and they come in a variety of sizes. Small window units can usually cool about 300 square feet while some larger units can cool up to 650 square feet.

Portable air conditioners are more versatile since they can easily be carried from one room to another. However, their cooling power is typically lower than that of window or split ductless systems.

Split ductless systems can cool multiple rooms without having to install extensive ductwork. They tend to be more expensive than window units and portable A/Cs, but their cooling power is similar to that of a central air system.

2. The “Check Filter” Light

Temporary cooling equipment tends to run more efficiently and consume less power when the filter is clean. Try to find a unit that has a “check filter” light to remind you to clean the filter when necessary. This feature almost immediately pays for itself.

3. Sleep Mode

Emergency cooling equipment with “sleep mode” can turn off and back on at scheduled times, thus reducing power consumption. Over time, this could save you a small fortune in electricity bills.

Rent or Buy Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco

If you’re looking for emergency cooling equipment in San Francisco that meets all of the above criteria, contact Allied Rental Co. Call 415-644-5792 today to learn about our pricing options.