Warehouse Climate Control

Dehumidifation for food processing and storage

 Warehouse Climate Control

When it comes to warehouses, ensuring the proper climate control is met is crucial. Just because the products are stored in their own packages or boxes doesn’t mean they are impervious to damage from either too hot or too cold temperatures. A warehouse is responsible for making sure the products in the space are kept safe and will not be compromised in a way that affects their ability to be sold.

Why is climate control so important?

Typically, a warehouse is storing hundreds to thousands of products that are going to be sold. If those products are damaged in any way, that means that they can’t be sold, leading to many unhappy people and increased cost for the warehouse. It’s important to keep in mind that not all warehouses are the same. Depending on the types of products that are being housed, those products will indicate what climate controls are required. Items like groceries and pharmaceuticals will require a climate control that will keep them from spoiling. Once those products are spoiled, they can’t be sold to the customer because they could potentially affect their health.

On the opposite end, electrical products need to have the right controls in place to reduce humidity. If those products get any sort of moisture in them, it can compromise their ability to work properly.

A warehouse can either consist of your company’s own products or other companies could be paying you to store their products. No matter whose products are on the shelf, it’s important to ensure that those products are in an environment that won’t damage the product. If a product gets damaged, then that means someone is taking a hit to their bottom line as they can’t sell that product. It’s important to make sure the right systems are in place to avoid these types of costly situations. Whether you need a commercial cooling unit to chill a large space or a dehumidifier to ensure electronics can be stored safely, Allied Rental has the climate control equipment you need.

Ways to ensure proper warehouse climate control

Warehouse climate control requires the right industrial systems to be put in place. You will need to make sure that the heating and cooling systems that are put in place are able to be adjusted for certain areas in the warehouse and not just a one-size-fits-all. It will also be important to have the right air filters and dehumidifiers in place to help control humidity.

Other ways warehouses can optimize their spaces for the best results are to look at how they’re storing their products. Some warehouses can have many people coming and going and could have areas where the space is just naturally warmer or cooler. Think about your products and where it would make the most sense for them to go. For products that require strict climate control, you probably wouldn’t want to put them in an area such as by an entrance or exit, where that flow of traffic would cause the temperatures to fluctuate, though products like air curtains and industrial fans can help mitigate those fluctuations.

Proper warehouse climate control is achievable when the right tools are put in place. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started. At Allied Rental, we specialize in providing high-quality industrial machines for all your warehouse needs.