What is DOP Testing?

What is DOP Testing?

Air filters are incredibly important to, you guessed it, keeping the air clean and safe in a sterile environment. Regardless of your profession, having a working air filter can keep you healthy in the long run. Whether you are simply in your home or at work, you may find that an air filter can provide you with the peace of mind that you need to keep living your life.

For those unfamiliar, an air filter operates simply. By sucking the air out of a room and maintaining circulation, it can catch any particulates that happen to be in the air. This is accomplished by tiny fibers built into the filter of the air vent itself. While air can pass through these fibers, it is not as easy for particles to get through. However, when you decide to actually invest in an air filter, you need to be sure that you are getting the best equipment and that it is working correctly.

Why Test an Air Filter?

There are two main reasons you may want to test an air filter. The first is that the filters can go bad over time. As too many particles pass through, the fibers can begin to clog up. This can compound to a point where even air has trouble getting through the fibers, which can result in contaminated or dirty air staying inside a room, which defeats the purpose of an air filter.

You want to be sure that the air filter you are purchasing has a long life-span. However, the second reason you want to test an air filter is simply to ensure quality. Filters can be both bad and good, but a DOP test can help to see if it is truly an air filter that is up to date. Don’t settle for any air filter that doesn’t handily pass a DOP test, as you may be wasting your money at that point.

What is DOP Testing?

DOP testing, or Dispersed Oil Particulate testing, tests the efficiency and safety of your filtration setup. This test is done to ensure that all particles over 0.3 microns are caught. This is especially important in labs, hospitals, cleanrooms, and other environments where contaminants must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Doing a DOP test on your filtration setup is one way to help ensure the safety of you, your employees, patients, animals — anyone and anything that depends on you to keep contaminants out of a specific area. While it is only one part of the whole, as airflow, pressure, seals, and more must also be tested, DOP testing is a good way to get a baseline on how well your system is working overall.

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