What Power Generator to Buy for my Business

56 kw diesel generator rental


Generators can be a huge expense and can feel like you emptied your wallet for just a few uses. A great alternative to purchasing a generator is to rent. Having a backup generator can be crucial when running a business. A power outage can cause your business to shut down for a full day or longer, which can cost you money. However, with a generator you can keep your business running and the lights on all year round, giving you a leg up on the competition. This is especially true for a year like 2020 that is full of crazy twists and turns, so that extra leg up can really help in these trying times.

Renting is a great option to help keep costs low, especially since running a business comes with so many expenses. This allows you to use the generator only when you need it and not feel like you are paying for it just to take up space.

Types of Power Generators

Generators work by turning mechanical energy, provided by fuels such as gasoline and propane, into electricity to keep the lights on and the business running during an emergency. Some generators provide power as needed and may only power a small number of appliances, however, as a business owner the best option is most likely a generator that can power the entire space as though the power never cut out in the first place.

Diesel fueled power generators come in sizes that can power your business for months at a time and can land you on your feet in emergency power situations. It takes roughly 7.5 KW to power a 3000 square foot home. A business with several moving parts will likely need more than that, but that number provides a simplistic way of thinking about how much power you realistically need. The size generator you will need will depend on the size of your business and for what you need it for.

Where to Purchase/Rent Your Generator

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