What Power Generators are Most Reliable?

What Power Generators are Most Reliable?

With so many kinds of generators on the market these days it can be hard to be confident in your choice. In the trying and unpredictable times of 2020 the last thing you want is to have an unreliable generator. There are also a few maintenance tricks to keep your power generator reliable and running smoothly.

Generators come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate what you need. Some are small portable generators and others are much more powerful, able to power a home or business. The first step in renting or purchasing a generator is to assess what size you need, and then ensure it is reliable.

Types of Generators and How to Keep Them Healthy

There are two main types of generators; portable and standby. Portable generators are typically used for outdoors, camping trips, or to power a select amount of household appliances. Portables use gas fuel and a power output to work. Standby generators, on the other hand, use propane or natural gases to generate power. Standbys are the large, powerful generators used for an entire home or business and begin working when a power outage occurs.

If a portable generator is what you are looking for, there are a few maintenance tricks to keeping it reliable. Though these tips and tricks can be helpful, trusting who you rent or buy your power generator from is crucial.

1. Fresh oil. This should be done at about 100 hours of use, but will also depend on the size and power of your portable generator.

2. Spark plug and air filter changes. Damaged spark plugs and air filters will prevent your generator from doing its job. These should be changed at least once per session.

3. Charge the battery. Though not all portable generators use a battery, those that do need to be charged in order to do an effective job. The last thing you need is your generator dying on you when you need it.

Keeping your generator healthy is always important. However, by renting your power generator from a trusted and reliable business, maintenance should be limited.

Where to Purchase/Rent Your Generator

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