What Temperature Drop Can You Expect From Emergency Cooling Equipment in San Francisco?

Emergency Cooling Equipment in San FranciscoNothing beats the feeling of ducking into an air-conditioned space, swapping the sun-baked sidewalks and cloying air for a perfectly cool breeze.

You might be wondering if there’s temporary cooling equipment in San Francisco that can keep on trucking, even on the city’s hottest days. Temps can and do climb into the high 90s during the summer, transforming conditions from temperate to torturous.

Sweating it out not only leads to discomfort but also could cause heat exhaustion and dehydration, warns Healthline.

You may already know that a central AC system can turn the mercury in an instant. But how low can an emergency cooling system go?

The Lowest Temperature

Take a look at your thermostat on an extremely hot day. Chances are it’s a few degrees warmer in your home than what your thermostat is set to.

That’s okay, right? It’s just catching up.

However, a few minutes go by and there’s zero change in temperature. Looks like you’ll have to call in a technician.

Or, and here’s the kicker, it’s working as intended. A temporary cooling equipment or even your AC both drop the temperature in intervals of around 20 degrees.

The air moves over the cooling coils, the technology does it’s thing, and voila: you’ve got colder air. Long story short: your cooling system supports a maximum temperature drop of around 20 degrees between the air supply and the air that it expels.

For example, if it’s hell on earth and it’s 90 degrees outside, you’ll probably only manage to bring down the mercury to around 70.

How to Set Your Thermostat

In order to get the most out of your emergency cooling equipment, apply this newfound knowledge when setting your thermostat. Let’s take that hot day we mentioned earlier.

Setting your thermostat higher will ease the load on your system, ultimately preventing damage to the delicate parts inside and saving you money on your electrical bill. Cooling equipment is most at risk of breaking down or overheating on days when it’s being pushed to its limits.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is setting their thermostat even lower to compensate for the rising temps. This puts extra pressure on the system.

Looking for an Efficient and Effective Temporary Cooling System?

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