What’s the Difference Between Air Purifiers and Desiccant Dehumidifiers in San Francisco?

Desiccant Dehumidifiers in San FranciscoWe spend endless hours talking, thinking, and writing about what we eat, but what about what we breathe? The average American huffs 80% of their daily oxygen from indoor air, so the quality of the air in your living space has a huge impact on your overall health.

New research has discovered that indoor air is more likely to contain harmful toxins, molds, and compounds than the windswept good stuff outside. The truth is that you aren’t what you eat; you are what you breathe!

However, just like scouring your cabinets and countertops of anything chocolate-y, salty, or oil coated, there are more ways than ever to tweak your unhealthy diet of polluted indoor air. Namely, investing in devices built to filter and cleanse your airspace.

Read on to learn the differences between air purifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers in San Francisco:

What Are Air Purifiers?

An air purifier is exactly what it says on the can. These devices remove particles and other pollutants from the air inside your office or home.

Although all air purifiers have the same purpose, there are several designs to choose from. For example, a mechanical air purifier uses a filter to trap larger pollutants such as pet dander and dust.

These filters, usually made from pleated paper, foam, or polyester, must be cleaned regularly or replaced to ensure the device is operating at peak efficiency. The most advanced filter – HEPA – is capable of removing almost 100% of airborne particles, down to the smallest pollutants typically found in homes and offices.

Meanwhile, an ionized air purifier employs electrostatic forces to trap pollutants, creating a negative charge and forcing them to settle on the next surface they touch. The filtered particles can now be cleaned up and disposed of by hand.

What Are Desiccant Dehumidifiers?

Moisture is one of your home’s greatest enemies, capable of eating away at structural components, catalyzing the growth of harmful mold, and frying your electronics. San Francisco’s humid climate and high risk of flash flooding make homes and businesses prime candidates for moisture damage.

A dehumidifier is designed to reduce moisture levels, thus preventing moisture damage and mold growth.

Which Is Right For Me?

An air purifier and dehumidifier are the perfect couple, capable of mopping up moisture while simultaneously filtering out harmful pollutants and particles. However, only a dehumidifier can tackle the root of mold growth and prevent mold spores, which are among the most harmful pollutants in your living space.

Desiccant Dehumidifier Rental in San Francisco

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