Which Power Generator is Best for the Home During a Natural Disaster?

Which Power Generator is Best for the Home During a Natural Disaster?

There are a few things to consider when looking for a home power generator. First, you have to consider what size generator will best power your home. Second, you have to keep in mind the kind of natural disasters you will encounter that will require the use of a power generator. Californians are no strangers to natural disasters, especially fires, earthquakes, and flooding. Many of these disasters can cause the local power grid to fail and leave you in the dark with nothing but a couple of candles. A power generator can take a cold candle lit night into a cozy night in with everything working as though it were just another sunny day.

Best Power Generator Size for Your Home

A 3,000 square foot house requires around a 20 KW power generator to keep all the lights on and appliances running. Though you will have to assess what your home’s unique needs are, that measurement provides some perspective when considering what size power generator you want. Once you know roughly what size power generator you will need, it is easier to discern which model you want.

Power Generators during a Natural Disaster

Fires, flooding, and earthquakes in California seem like nothing more than a part of life, but they can easily damage power lines and leave you in the dark. Luckily, renting or purchasing a home power generator can save you. The majority of floods and fires in California come and go with seasons. Being able to roughly predict when you will need a power generator for these disasters opens up the possibility of renting. Renting will save money and make you feel as though you are getting your money’s worth.

For natural disasters, it is best to have a standby generator rather than a portable. Standby generators are heavy duty machines that can produce a great amount of power so that you can continue to live comfortably, instead of just surviving through the storm.

Where You Can Rent or Purchase Your Power Generator

Allied Rental Company rents all different sized generators to best suit your home’s needs. We even provide daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates to cater to your needs. We understand how inconvenient losing power can be during a natural disaster and are dedicated to helping you keep the lights on 24/7. At Allied Rental Company, we provide excellent customer service and countless blog posts to answer any and all of your questions before making a final decision.

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