Will Power Generators Function Well in a Natural Disaster?


With a generator, there is no reason a natural disaster should feel like a disaster. Californians know that the next earthquake, flood, or fire is just a matter of time and that can really make people feel like sitting ducks. All of these natural disasters can cause damage to the local power grid, resulting in a blackout. Without a generator, this leaves you relying on flashlights and candles to get you through the night. Having a generator can take you from surviving to thriving during a blackout.

Businesses with generators also have a leg up. A blackout can force a business to shut down and close up shop until the power is fixed. A generator allows that business to keep working when others can’t during a natural disaster. Keeping your business up and running is especially important in a year like 2020 when the market is less than favorable and unexpected obstacles seem to be right around the corner.

Best Option for Natural Disasters

Generators come in all shapes and sizes, so deciding on just one can seem overwhelming. There are two main types of generators: potables and standbys. Portable generators are generally used for outdoor spaces or to be taken on a camping trip (not great when dealing with a natural disaster). Standbys, on the other hand, are powerful machines that can generate an entire home or business during a blackout.

Though portable generators will be able to power select appliances in your home, a standby generator can make you feel as though the disaster hasn’t even affected you. Standby generators will also kick on automatically when a power outage occurs, taking the responsibility and stress off your mind. When choosing your generator you also have to keep size in mind to ensure the one you rent or purchase is capable of powering your entire home, business, or other.

Where You Can Rent a Generator

Allied Rental Company wants to help you make a decision about what generator best suits your unique needs. With such a wide selection of generators, we are confident that you will find exactly what you need. We provide excellent customer service and have an extensive blog that can answer any and all questions you may have. We understand the importance of being ready for natural disasters and have a variety of resources to help you devise a plan on how to handle that. We also offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental plans so we can be flexible to meet your needs. This can be especially useful in California where the fires and floods tend to come and go with the seasons.

Allied Rental Company LLC is located in Novato, California, making us very accessible to the nearby Bay Area. For those who cannot make the drive, we offer a convenient delivery service. Do not hesitate to call to get any last minute questions answered. When preparing for a natural disaster it is important to be fully confident in your decision.