3 Ways to Reduce Your Dehumidification Expenses: Insights About Commercial Dehumidifiers in San Francisco

Commercial Dehumidifiers in San FranciscoA flood or pipe leak can wreak havoc on your business or home in a matter of minutes. It’s a situation that more and more San Franciscans are facing as year-round flooding has threatened the low-lying parts of our city. The National Weather Service warns that flooding isn’t a seasonal phenomenon but a constant threat with dire consequences.

But there’s good news: renting commercial dehumidifiers is an affordable way to dry out your business or home and prevent the formation of mold as well as other damaging effects of lingering moisture. However, if used incorrectly, you could be left with a crippling electrical bill that will sink future plans to restore your property to its former glory.

Follow this guide to reduce the cost of using desiccant dehumidifiers in San Francisco:

1. Provide Fan Service

Roping in extra fans and open windows to help circulate the air will magnify the drying effects of your rented or purchased dehumidifier. According to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, one of the main reasons why basements and windowless rooms are susceptible to moisture damage is because water vapor gathers in the air and cannot escape.

You can prevent this issue by encouraging air circulation. Consider installing vents or small, small temporary windows and using fans to move the air throughout your business or home.

2. Keep It Efficient

You may be tempted to choose a budget dehumidifier. However, cheaper models tend to be inefficient and will add to your electrical bill while barely pulling out any of the moisture filling your indoor airspace.

It’s better to invest in an Energy Star-qualified model. These units will use up to 20% less energy to remove the same amount of moisture as other models, ultimately reducing your electrical bills while costing almost the same as a non-Energy Star model.

3. Chalk up the Calcium

Calcium is a magical element, capable of absorbing excess moisture and taking some of the strain off of your dehumidifier. Simply scatter calcium chloride throughout the dampest sections of your space and give it time to absorb the water in the room.

It will turn into a sloppy brine which can be swept up and disposed of safely in the toilet.

Looking for a Cost-Efficient Dehumidifier in San Francisco?

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