3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dehumidifying Your Business: FAQ About Commercial Dehumidifiers in San Francisco

It takes just a few minutes for a Commercial Dehumidifiers in San Francisco pipe leak or unexpected flood to cause major damage. But in the aftermath, as you pick up the pieces, it’s important to remember that unchecked moisture can wreak just as much havoc in the long run, causing mold outbreaks, structural damage, and lethal health risks.

Too often, business- and homeowners try to cut costs by renting or buying commercial dehumidifiers in San Francisco that clearly isn’t sufficient for their space. The result: their properties remain in the vice grip of lingering moisture.

This easy guide will help you avoid common mistakes during the dehumidification process:

1. Don’t Aim Too Low

Size might not always matter, but it certainly does when it comes to dehumidifying your property. Getting a dehumidifier that’s too small for your space means you’ll be left with a unit that’s working overtime and barely filtering out any moisture.

The capacity of a dehumidifier is rated in pints of moisture removed per day, or 24-hour period, according to IndoorBreathing.com. Simple, right?

Not quite. The average dehumidifier is often falsely marketed, promising to remove X pints and barely managing half that. That’s because these devices are tested under perfect conditions, but the various nooks and crannies of your waterlogged place will complicate the dehumidification process.

Size matters, but there’s nothing wrong with overcompensating. It’s better to go bigger and have a monster unit you know will get the job done than to risk stepping up to the plate with a badminton racket.

Yes, it might be more expensive, but you’ll save a fortune in operating costs as a bigger unit will get the job done faster and more efficiently, often accomplishing in just a matter of hours what would take a smaller dehumidifier more than a few days.

2. But Don’t Go Too Heavy

Getting a dehumidifier with monster capacity doesn’t mean it has to be a behemoth to move about. A streamlined system is easier to transport, allowing you to spot-target the most waterlogged parts of your space.

If you have to go big, look for helpful mobility features such as carrier handles or casters.

3. And Keep It Low

You’ll most likely have to run your dehumidifier throughout the day for multiple days. A noisy unit is quickly going to become a headache.

Fortunately, more and more desiccant dehumidifiers are touting quiet operation, which means the manufacturers have taken extra steps to ensure the unit runs as quietly as possible. Pro tip: opt for a higher capacity model as this will allow you to run the unit at a mid-level fan speed, which is typically quieter than a smaller system running at maximum speed.

Rent or Buy a Dehumidifier in San Francisco

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