4 Common Causes of Blackouts (and Why You Should Invest in Emergency Power Backup Services)

Emergency Power Backup Services san franciscoIn the modern world, people rely on power to eat, drink, work and even play, so all it takes is a momentary outage to hamper our daily routine. But an outage that lasts for several hours or even days can have a much more profound effect, causing businesses to lose money and putting your family at risk.

If you own a business, no matter how large or small, you probably need power to make money. A serious outage can leave your workforce sitting idle, your deadlines in limbo, and your doors closed to customers.

The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to prepare for the worst. Having a detailed plan and investing in emergency power equipment will help mitigate your losses.

It is a common misconception that power outages in San Francisco only happen during major storms, but their are many potential causes. We’ve listed some of the most common below:

1. Poor Weather

Lightning, heavy rain, strong winds and even dust storms can cause lasting damage to power lines. It might be impossible to predict them all – but a standby emergency power system that clicks into gear when the lights go out will ensure you don’t have to. Having a temporary power source on site will keep your workforce operational until the clean-up crews are able to restore business as usual.

2. Short Circuits

A leading cause of electrical fires in the workplace, short circuits occur when power systems become compromised – either due to worn insulation or a buildup of a foreign element such as water. While you should keep your permanent system regularly maintained and free of hazards, emergency power equipment will ensure your business won’t suffer while you mend the faulty wiring.

3. Power Surges

Overheating of appliances can lead to significant downtime in productivity and ruin your expensive machinery. Surge protectors and circuit breakers should keep your system impervious to power surges most of the time, but in the event that one does sneak through, it will help enormously to have an emergency power supply on standby, waiting to kick in.

4. Electrical Trees

Voids, defects and impurities in insulation can, over time, cause your power system to degrade. This process is known as electrical treeing due to the shape of the wiring damage, and if it goes undetected for long enough, it can shut your business down for a significant amount of time. An emergency power supply is designed to ensure this won’t affect your business’s bottom line.

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