3 Situations When You Need Temporary Power Equipment in San Francisco

WhetTemporary power equipment san franciscoher you’re generating juice for a large-scale construction job or hosting a wedding outdoors, temporary power equipment offers a relatively simple, cost-effective means of providing instant, convenient electricity.

But more and more people are recognizing the benefits of portable power sources outside of these one-off business or entertainment-based events. Life is messy. Hurricanes, heat waves, flash floods – all of these and a whole lot more can turn your carefully planned life upside down, overnight, simply by shutting down your power.

No one who has lived through an extended power outage will underestimate their effects. In the middle of an emergency, being without power can ruin your business, cut off your critical water supply and leave you without food or heat for days and weeks at a time.

Emergency power supplies are nice to have for many reasons. But in certain circumstances, they can be a lifesaving necessity. Let’s take a closer look at a few common situations when temporary power equipment can come in handy.

1. Power Outages

Whether they are caused by random short circuits or planned substation shutdowns, power outages can leave your workers – and your cash register – with nothing to do. Having an emergency power system on site will enable you to keep your doors open and your business up and running.

A standby power system can be expensive to run, so it should only be used for limited periods and to power essential appliances. Renting the equipment, if its purpose is to provide for short-term power outages only, could be a cost-effective option, especially if you know when outages are likely to occur and are able to plan accordingly.

2. Expanding Your Business

Sudden, last-minute jobs are exciting for any contractor, but they can cause a great deal of stress, too. These ad-hoc opportunities offer a great way to make money over your longer standing commissions, but only if they don’t serve to stretch your existing resources.

Portable generators can help empower your workforce to take their skills to new sites while standby systems keep your lights on for longer when they find they need to work overnight to meet deadlines.

3. Natural Disasters

Storms are rolling in faster than ever and causing the kind of damage that can put you out of business. Whether it’s a hurricane or a flood, or a flood caused by a hurricane, power lines are at risk in any severe storm. An emergency power supply can keep your business from going dark while you wait for emergency services to knock on the door.

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