5 Unexpected Ways Your Temporary Power Equipment in San Francisco Will Save You Money

Temporary power equipment san franciscoTemporary power equipment is designed to save you time (and possibly a lot of money) when you need an instant power solution. Natural disasters, short circuits and planned maintenance can all leave you without essential electricity, which is why many homeowners choose to carry a standby power source all year round.

If you think power systems are best when rented for short periods, you may be missing out on these 5 unexpected savings that come with purchasing temporary power equipment:

1. A Lower Home Insurance Rate

During an emergency power outage, private or residential security systems will go offline, leaving you at risk of opportunistic burglaries. Make sure your insurer knows about your temporary power equipment as this may convince them that you are less likely to make a theft claim even in the event of a grid-crippling emergency.

2. Avoid Repairs and Other Costs

Power outages can cost you money in many predictable ways, from food that becomes spoiled to the bills associated with having to repair moldy walls or a flooded basement. Then there are the costs of staying in a hotel while you wait for emergency services to restore your power, and the mounting costs of emergency food and water supplies while you wait for the lights to come on.

3. Your Home’s Resale Value

Not all additions will add to the value of your home – think gaudy backyard statues or overly ornate window frames – but an already installed standby power system is no ugly extra. If your home is on the market, an emergency power supply makes an attractive selling point to potential buyers, especially if they know you live in an area prone to severe weather patterns.

4. Keep Your Workforce Humming

Your employees are the engine of your business. If they stop working, for any reason, your productivity will take a dive and your earnings will soon dry up, too. But with an emergency power supply on site, you can keep your workforce on the job and your customers coming back for more.

5. Know How Much You Use

Because an emergency power supply has limited capacity and can be expensive to run for long periods, it encourages you to be thrifty with how you use your power. At home or at work, an accurate idea of how much power you use each month will help you plan your expenditure, and know when to cut back, and how.

If you’d like to experience the savings of your own temporary power system, rent or buy emergency power equipment in San Francisco from the experts at Allied Rental Co. Call 415-644-5792 to learn more.