Climate control in the cannabis industry

Dehumidification for Agriculture

Commercial cannabis production is a complex industry that requires specific conditions in order to adequately operate. From requiring HPS and LED lighting, to ensuring that the herb has the right humidity and temperature to thrive, cannabis is quite the particular plant. Many commercial cannabis factories need specific ventilation, cooling, and dehumidification processes in order to preserve their product. Climate control is absolutely necessary to creating a successful environment.

One CEO of a popular cannabis dispensary in Colorado explains, “A lot of people incorrectly think that as long as the temperature is correct, things should be fine. But having your humidity at the correct percentage—at the correct phases of growth—is just as important.”

Another CEO from Washington alludes to the importance of a balanced temperature. “Every time we go to design and build a new facility, we are always asked to have a mechanical engineer take a look at the HVAC system.”

Perfect Conditions for Cannabis

Cannabis is a particular plant in that it needs strategic conditions in order to survive. Constant changes in temperature or humidity levels can cause great damage to the livelihood of the plant. Cannabis cultivators control the temperature of their environment with specialized HVAC systems. Rooms for growing work to eliminate the warm air and replace it will cool air. This drying effect takes away excess humidity that can cause damage to the plant.

Excessive water vapor may inhibit optimal growth. Portable air conditioners work to drop the temperature and remove water from the environment. Larger HVAC systems with adjustable thermostats can assist with keeping the temperature cool. Airflow should be a top priority as it works to extract warm air and allow cooler air to permeate.

Stages of Humidity

In the beginning, cultivating seeds requires levels of humidity from 65-70%. These high humidity levels allow the seeds to absorb the moisture and grow. As they begin to sprout, the humidity levels must then be lowered by 5%. As they enter the flowering period, the levels are lowered to 40-50%, Finally, as the flowers begin to mature, humidity should be down to 30-40%.

Dehumidifiers are excellent tools to help control humidity levels. Portable models may require extensive adjustments, especially in large greenhouses, so medium to large models are preferred.

Light Control

Cannabis grows beautifully under specific lighting. Portable Power Distribution Centers work to distribute electrical power to more remote areas so that your cannabis operation can flourish. Since cannabis needs specific “lights off” and “lights on” functions, light timers are a great resource to take advantage of to minimize your labor.

Curing The Harvest

Once the plant is ready to be dried for distribution, the drying process is utilized. At this point, extremely humid conditions can be very destructive, as it could result in mold or mildew being grown on the plant. Therefore, powerful dehumidifiers are needed to ensure that humidity levels are between 30 and 50% while the leaves dry out. Desiccant dehumidifiers are an awesome choice for maintaining those levels without drying the plant out completely.

Cannabis growing on a commercial level requires patience, time, and attention to detail. In order to create an environment that the plan enjoys, consider investing in climate control appliances to ensure that your product is successful.