Construction drying and Setting Concrete

gypcrete heaters and dryers

Many people use the phrase “watching paint dry” to mean extremely boring experiences, and concrete drying isn’t much better. While the activity in itself may be less than thrilling, the process is quite long. When left to dry naturally, concrete can take up to a week to completely dry! When concrete takes a long time to dry, the project is stalled, which can create a boatload of issues.

Construction schedules are extremely tight, and they don’t have the wiggle room to wait for various concrete materials to dry on their own. This is why wise contractors use construction drying solutions to carry out their project to ensure it is completed on time. Traditionally, dehumidifiers and heaters have been used to speed the drying process up. Let’s consider how the two units operate and compare their processes.


Dehumidifiers essentially cool the air to eliminate moisture by condensing it into water and lowering the relative humidity. Excessive moisture can cause damage to the concrete, thus creating a poor appearance. In addition, the time it takes to actually dry is doubled when exposed to water.

Dehumidifiers work double time to ensure that the concrete is drying while other necessities are being taken care of. This option avoids expensive vapor sealers which can take time away from the project. The P1200 Desiccant Dehumidifier is compact, user-friendly, and can remove 43 gallons of water per day! With easy to replace filters and quiet operating system, the P1200 is ideal for projects that require drying.

Another option, the AR600 is also a compact unit that allows for remote humidistat connection. With 30% efficient filters and a 304 stainless construction, this unit offers optimal drying at 180.7 pints a day. The 7000 XLI Commercial Dehumidifier uses a refrigerant system to condense, cool, and evaporate moisture. This unit is able to remove 130 pints in a compact manner!


Heaters are used to remove excess moisture through evaporation by heating the air. Unlike humidifiers, moisture isn’t removed completely. Instead, it is simply evaporated. This may prove to be a problem for certain concretes that are especially susceptible to moisture. This could prolong the drying process.

However, portable heaters are excellent resources that many contractors use to quickly dry specific flooring. The HI400 HD is able to produce clean, dry heat to speed the drying process. This unit clocks in at over 85% efficiency! This is because it utilizes a second combustion blower to effectively get the job done. This unit also comes with accessories such as thermostats, ductworks, rain caps and more. What makes this unit even better is that it is CSA approved.

Making the Choice

The choice between heaters and dehumidifiers are based on the type of concrete being used, the timeline of the project, and the client’s needs. Ideally, a dehumidifier would be the best option as they actually eliminate moisture as opposed to moving moisture from the floor to the air levels. Contact the experts at Allied Rental Company to ensure you get the right equipment for your construction drying job.