Hurricane preparedness-From Generators to Water Removal

Between June 1st and November 30th, individuals on the Atlantic coast brace themselves for hurricane season. In the Eastern Pacific, individuals begin to be on the watch for possible hurricanes starting May 15th and ending on November 30th. Every year, over 30 hurricanes may impact several different countries all over the globe, and the effects of these storms can be far-reaching. Sadly, the destructive effects of Hurricane Katrina are still evident today! Puerto Rico is still suffering from the major storm that occurred in 2017.

Although hurricanes are uncontrollable natural forces, there are practical ways to prepare for a hurricane to ensure that your immediate needs are met. Although hurricanes are extremely powerful, there are certain precautions you can take to endure these relentless storms. Let’s consider a few needed units that will help during significant times of need.


Temporary power options are necessary when tropical storms are powerful enough to knock down lines of electricity. Generators are excellent investments to rent in the time leading up to the storm as they work to provide ample power to entire homes! They work to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Portable units use gas while standby generators use natural and propane gases to operate. Some are so technologically advanced that they are able to start up from a remote location. They are truly necessities when preventing a loss of power in a dire situation. These are especially important for businesses like restaurants that depend on power to keep their products from spoiling.

Water Extraction Tools

When hurricanes strike, they are liable to bring excessive flooding to homes and buildings. Water extraction tools work to eliminate excess water through suction. They remove excess water as it filters through the machine. The water is then transferred to a designated area within the machine that allows you to then dump the water out. What’s awesome about these units is that they are flexible in how they operate. Some are standalone units while others can be operated from a truck. They work wonders for odor removal as well. Many rescue organizations use water extractors when supplying relief to areas hit with a natural disaster.

Temporary Power Distribution

As mentioned, generators can supply electricity when tropical storms become violent. Temporary power boxes, also known as, a Spider Box, can distribute power in a portable manner. They are extremely safe and will work to provide power quickly. Their size enables them to be extremely convenient while being able to handle tough jobs.

Commercial Drying Equipment

When facing recovery from a hurricane or tropical storm, likely the environment will be filled with humidity. This excess moisture, when left untreated, can cause mold and rot. Dehumidifiers work well to eliminate excess moisture and create positive air flow. It is extremely difficult to try and reconstruct damaged homes, buildings, or offices, in a wet environment. Desiccant and commercial dehumidifiers work to remove moisture and filter out dry cool air.

When preparing for hurricane season, it’s imperative to be prepared for the inevitable. The consequences of Mother Nature may range from simple power outages to outright destruction. By keeping battery backup systems, spot charges, and non-perishable food close, you will be able to survive this unpredictable monster!