Dehumidifier rental Novato for commercial drying projects and operations 

Portable Dehumidifiers for drying construction processes


our dehumidification units are portable and ideal for moisture removal and drying construction sites during drywall installation , gypcrete drying , concrete pours, large painting and coating operations.

If your site needs temperature and humidity control , our equipment is ideal for maintaining moisture and temperature conditions as desired(equipped with humidistat)

Commercial Desiccant dehumidification for Indoor  agriculture processing.

Indoor growing operations require specific temperature and humidity ratios in order to avoid mold and mildew formation . Our equipment can condition large and small spaces for optimal growing. Our equipment can heat, cool and dry large spaces for optimal performance.

Dehumidification for indoor climate control and condensation reduction.

Summer winter and storms and inclimate conditions can present a multitude of challenges

Dehumidifation for Construction and Restoration

to builders, facilities manages, emergency responders, government agencies, hotel buildings, construction sites, Military barracs, etc. Some applications for dehumidification include ; documents drying and restoration, flooded buildings that need dryouts, and more.

Portable Dehumidification for food processing facilities. 

If you need to control the indoor environment for food processing and frozen food production , we can can help .

give us a call to determine the right equipment for the job.

Desiccant Dehumidification for emergency flood water removal from buildings. 

Our equipment can be invaluable in :

  1. Hurricanes after math
  2. Earthquake aftermath
  3. Tornado
  4. tsunami
  5. snow storms
  6. typhoon
  7. power outage
  8. Heatwaves
  9. Climate changes
  10. Floods
  11. Water damage
  12. Fire damage
  13. Mold Infestation