Good Applications for Voltage Transformers

Good Applications for Voltage Transformers

Voltage transformers are passive components in electrical power sources that convert or “transform” electrical energies from one value to another.

The high levels of power that connect our homes and places of business to the power grid are too overwhelming for some appliances and other electrical devices to handle. The transformer converts these voltages into safe levels that make using these appliances possible.

Voltage transformers are used for many devices in the workplace and at home. These power converters make much of what we do possible. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the ways voltage transformers are applied to make electronic devices easy and safe to use and how they can be used to help you.

Low Voltage Transformers

Some transformers that you use in your daily life are embedded in the device that you are using. For instance, mobile chargers use tiny transformers to convert incoming 120 volts to low voltages that don’t overwhelm the delicate parts in your phone or tablet.

These voltage transformers can also be applied to convert high voltage from a power source to lower voltages that a computer’s power supply can handle without overheating. Without them, more complex and delicate devices like these would be impossible to power without frying circuits.

Good applications for low voltage transformers:

  • Mobile chargers
  • Computer power systems
  • Chargers for small electronic devices (i.e. remote toy cars)
  • Hairstyling tools (i.e. straighteners, curling irons)

High Voltage Transformers

High voltage transformers work with higher voltages to power larger appliances while still converting the levels to make using these appliances safe.

Microwaves are great examples of how high voltage transformers can be used in the home. Microwaves need a significant amount of electricity to properly cook food, but they do not need the full power of the grid. These transformers can handle more power than other types of voltage transformers without allowing too much to pass through the secondary winding.

Good applications for high voltage transformers:

  • Microwaves
  • Vacuums
  • Industrial appliances (commercial fridge)

Step Down Transformers

When you travel abroad, depending on where you go, a step-down voltage transformer may be needed to power your devices. In countries where the standard voltage supply is 220/240 volts, a step-down transformer will convert that power into 110/120 volts.

Step Up Transformers

Step-up voltage transformers are the counterpart to step-down transformers. In a country where the standard voltage supply is 110/120 volts, a step-up transformer will convert the power into 220/240 volts for any devices that you have that may need the extra power to function.

Capacitive Voltage Transformers

Capacitive voltage transformers can filter communication signals and create a communication network wherever the frequency is transmitted. They can also be used for power line carrier coupling.

There are several types of voltage transformers made for private and commercial/industrial uses. They can be used for the smallest applications such as powering a mobile device or for industrial purposes, including telecommunications systems. These components can be the size of a fingernail or a house. Depending on the intended use, there is a voltage transformer for nearly every application.