How Should You Dehumidify Your Home? Desiccant Dehumidifier Rental FAQ

Desiccant Dehumidifier Rental San FranciscoWhether your water damage was caused by a flash flood or a pipe leak, the long term damage can be catastrophic if you leave the humidity levels unchecked. Excess moisture in the air can lead to the formation of toxic mold, which can cause structural damage and health complications, warns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The good news: you can quickly dehumidify your home all by yourself and for a relatively low cost. Follow this guide to rid your home of excess moisture and reclaim your space:

Step 1: Absorb the Moisture

Calcium Chloride is your new best friend. Why?

Well, this magic compound is able to absorb excess moisture, leaving you with a sloppy brine that’s easy to sweep up and dispose of in your toilet. You’ll find it in the aisles of your local home improvement store.

Step 2: Evict the Greenery

A healthy population of plant life in your home is a feel-good addition to your decor. But when you’re battling with excess moisture, your favorite shrubbery will only be hindering your efforts, warns Solair.

This is because plants produce their own moisture which is then released into the air.

Step 3: Seal up Leaks

Dodgy pipework won’t just hamstring dehumidification; it could also  worsen your moisture problems down the line. Luckily, you can easily spot a leaky pipe by scanning your walls for dark marks (known as water rings).

Worried that the problem might be more than just surface deep? Call in a plumber.

Additionally, a builder can come check your roof for any red flags and can take steps to prevent water from sneaking through the tiles and soaking the woodwork below.

Step 4: Ventilate

When the air in your home is moving in-and-out through open windows, you’re actively removing moisture from your indoor airspace. Use a series of simple fans to direct airflow toward the outdoors.

Step 5: Bring in the Big Guns

A desiccant dehumidifier is a powerful tool capable of drying out even the most waterlogged home. It works by filtering the air and circulating moisture out of the system, either into a tank or into the outdoors.

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