How Many Square Feet Do You Need to Use Temporary Heating Systems in San Francisco

Temporary Heating Systems in San FranciscoBeing left to brave the frigid cold after your once trusty heating system bites the dust is a bone-chilling nightmare. But taking the time to buy, transport, and install an emergency heating system only to find that it’s barely warming you pinky toe – that will definitely send a shiver down your spine.

Emergency heating equipment in San Francisco isn’t just a way to stay warm in winter. Not only can it prevent prolonged exposure to cold conditions, which often lead to hypothermia, colds, and flu, but it can also help control moisture levels, preventing structural damage and the formation of mold.

However, it’s important to invest or rent temporary heating equipment in San Francisco that is suitable for the size of your space. Eyeball and underestimate it, and you’ll be left with a glorified space heater.  But go too big and you’ll turn your home into a sweltering, damp sauna.

Follow the guide below to figure out which emergency heating system will work best for your space:

Step 1

It’s time to measure the square footage of your home. Unless you were given the original building plans, built the home yourself, or were handed the total square footage of your home’s interior by your estate agent, you will have to do the measurements yourself. says you should measure each room in the house by starting in the corner of one room and then, using a tape measure, plotting out the length of the two walls that meet at that point. Record these dimensions on a piece of graph paper.

Step 2

In order to calculate the amount of heating you need, you will have to convert each wall length to inches. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to work out the square inches of the room by multiplying the wall lengths by each other.

Do this for every room you want to heat.

Step 3

Use this calculator to convert back from square inches to square feet. You can also do this manually by dividing the square-inch measurement of each room by 144.

Step 4

Now, calculate the number of British thermal units (BTUs) that you will need to heat your space. It’s estimated that an effective heater needs to produce around 50 BTU per square foot to be effective.

However, be warned – calculating your heating needs based on square footage alone typically leads to homeowners overestimating their needs and wasting precious funds on a unit that is both too big for the space and too costly to operate. An expert technician is trained to identify your heating needs and help you choose, buy, and install a temporary heating solution that will work for your space.

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