How to Solve 4 Most Common Issues with Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco

Temporary Cooling Systems in San FranciscoYou’ve found the perfect temporary cooling solution, or so you thought. Many confident home and business owners have opened their door only to be humbled by the sweltering surrounds of their once air-conditioned space.

Like all electrical appliances, cooling systems can and do fail. And when they do, the damage can be catastrophic.

Un-air conditioned homes are far more vulnerable to mold. In San Francisco – where moisture levels sit at around 80% on a consistent basis – that risk of a mold outbreak is particularly high.

Mold isn’t just bad news for the value of your property; it’s a potential hospital visit for you, your family, or your employees. Exposure to mold spores can lead to respiratory complications in otherwise healthy people.

You can beat the heat and the health hazards with this guide to troubleshooting four of the most common temporary cooling equipment problems:

1. Your Lamp Is Too Close to the Cooling Equipment

Emergency cooling equipment makes use of sensors that respond to temperature shifts, increasing or decreasing the flow of air to keep you comfortable. Placing appliances such as televisions or lamps near an AC can cause it to overreact to the minor amount of heat being expelled by the item.

Give your temporary cooling solution a wide berth and life will be a breeze.

2. It’s Too Sunny Inside

According to Consumer Reports, if your cooling equipment is in a sunny window, it will have to work harder to cool your space. Same goes for the thermostat of your central system.

The solution: keep your shades or curtains drawn during the day to filter out the rays.

3. You Missed Your Annual Checkup

Just like setting up a dentist appointment every six months, your temporary cooling equipment needs regular TLC. Most experts recommend an annual checkup completed by an HVAC technician who is trained to catch any serious faults before they turn into a hot mess.

4. Your Air Filter is Dirty

It’s something most home and business owners gloss over, but a dirty filter can lead to your system freezing over. Your move: clean your filter regularly.

Use some dishwashing liquid and a soft-bristled brush to scrub the filter and remove any grime or dust. Remember to let the filter dry before you lock it back into place. And don’t hesitate to replace your filter if the grime is beyond the power of a little elbow grease.

Need Temporary Cooling Systems to Rent or Buy?

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