What Are the Most Common Reasons Why Freezing Affects Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco?

Temporary Cooling Systems in San Francisco

The mercury is rising, and San Francisco’s streets are shimmering in the haze of a relentlessly hot day. “It’s fine,” you tell yourself, “I’m going to be home soon, sipping on something cold in an air-conditioned apartment.”

Unfortunately, you can invest thousands in a quality cooling system and still find yourself greeted by a hot mess after your AC freezes over. It’s one of the most common problems plaguing cooling equipment, and the consequences can be dire.

Hot conditions can lead to dehydration, warns Healthline. And if your system is left in disrepair, it could lead to moisture damage and the development of mold, resulting in costly repairs and medical complications.

To help you avoid a sweaty situation, we’ve identified the top two reasons why temporary cooling equipment in San Francisco freezes over:

Refrigerant Leaks

Cranking up your cooling system in the summer months is often the only way to deal with the sweltering heat. But when your AC is working overtime, all the time, it becomes vulnerable to leaks.

The problem is, if that Freon or other coolant starts dripping everywhere, your temporary cooler is beyond repair, reports AngiesList.com. A trained professional can come and top off your coolant and revive your system, but it’s only matter of time until it dies again, leaving you with the sinking dread of opening the door into Dante’s Inferno.

The solution: buy or rent a temporary cooling system and enlist the help of a professional who can ensure that your new equipment is set up correctly and that it won’t freeze over again in the foreseeable future.

Blocked Airflow

If the airflow in your cooling equipment is restricted, there isn’t anything keeping the condensate on the coil inside your AC from freezing over. That’s a shortcut to knocking out that fresh cool breeze.

The culprit: a dirty air filter. If you don’t regularly replace this vital piece of your cooling equipment, you’re not just at risk of freezing the flow, but your AC will also have to work harder to do less, thus adding a couple digits to your electricity bill.

The solution: replace your air filter once a month. It’s a relatively inexpensive task, best handled by a professional.

Do You Need Temporary Cooling Systems to Rent or Buy in San Francisco?

Being left without the cold comfort of a function AC when the temps begin to climb is something none of us want to face. Allied Rental Co. has a track record of installing high-quality temporary cooling equipment that can see you through any season.

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