Portable Water Extractor

portable water extractor

Portable Water Extractor

Portable water extractors work to remove excess water as a result of natural disasters, floods, or even accidents like busted water pipes. Some models work as a unique vacuum that inhales water and extracts it from the surface, and many are equipped with waste tanks as big as 12 gallons. There are numerous appliances that work to extract water. Some resemble a wheeled trash-can, while others look like a revolutionary mop. Others are able to work in conjunction with your body weight in order to obtain optimal results. Although varied in design and price, water extractors work to restore and clean surface areas from unwanted water. Many can stand alone or perform in conjunction with truck mounts. The results are endless and can prove to be a real lifesaver in critical situations.

Who Uses a Water Extractor

Although water extractors seem heavy duty in nature, they aren’t limited to professional cleaners. Individuals who own residential homes can greatly benefit from a water extractor when experiencing flooding, burst pipes, or the occasional plumbing accident. From a professional perspective, construction sites may utilize water extractors when experiencing excessive water that prevents the continuation of the build. Rescue and reformation groups who work to help rebuild neighborhoods after natural disasters also utilize water extractors to restore damaged homes and businesses.

When Water Extractors Are Needed

As mentioned, portable water extractors work as a vacuum to suck up excess water from the surface. When indoor flooding occurs, the consequences are damaging. Water sitting at high levels can result in mold and deterioration. Some small scale portable extractors work to remove stains from carpet. This particular appliance is ideal for car detailing, removing pet stains, and hotel or office cleaning.

Types of Extractors

The pricing and design of these tools vary according to need. For example, the It’s important to evaluate your personal needs in addition to how big the job is when considering the best options. Rental portable water extractors start at $190 for a 12 gallon capacity. With dual vacuum blowers, this unit, available from Allied Rental Company, performs well in residential homes and tight spaces. With a 12-gallon tank capacity, users don’t have to constantly drain the water out as opposed to other portable water extractors. In addition, this particular unit allows the air to be passed through a HEPA filter, which helps to stop the spread of harmful bacteria. Going the portable route will make your entire process from start to finish efficient.

What’s awesome about the portable extractors is that they are easy to use and can be portable and easily maneuverable. When facing potential water damage, it can be inconvenient having to wait for a professional company to handle the work. In addition, many companies may not have the direct availability to handle the job immediately. By renting your own, you can eliminate the problem immediately while saving money. These devices work to eliminate more than just large amount of water. They even provide drying and dehumidification properties to complete the job.