Protect Your Data Center with Climate Control

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Protect Your Data Center with Climate Control

When it comes to information technology, many fear the onset of computer hackings, crashes, and even viruses. However, facilities with designated server rooms are filled with sensitive equipment that is susceptible to physical harm as well. Although rarely mentioned, climate threats can work to slow down, or even diffuse the functionality of data centers. Data centers control the technology of a company of business, making it important to have the right environmental controls to keep them safe.

The Dangers of Overheating

When cell phones or computers begin to overheat, likely they stop working properly until placed in a cool environment. The same concept can be applied to data control centers. Because these areas are filled with electronic devices working around the clock, they are bound to overheat. This constant flow of energy can generate a lot of heat in a small amount of time. In order to combat this, facilities must keep the data center cool to offset the heat. One particular study found that electronic server devices dropped in reliability by as much as 50% when the temperate jumped from 68 degrees to 86 degrees. In addition, heat not only causes unreliability to server devices, but it also impacts its ability hold memory. Duke Professor Robert G. Brown explained how, “Heat weakens electronic components, so even if they don’t fail immediately, they become more susceptible to failure over time.”

How to Combat Overheating

Although ensuring that the immediate climate is balanced, there are also valuable devices you can purchase to help monitor the temperature of given devices. Specific sensors can be placed near HVAC systems that work to monitor the heat being projected into the space. In addition, devices that are extremely important may require probes to help control the thermostat. These devices work to alert individuals on the possible threat of overheating so as to take action.

Water, Power, and Smoke

Sensors can work to alert individuals on the build up of humidity and water in the air. When electrical devices are exposed to too much moisture, they begin to malfunction on a grand scale. This can even be detrimental to the safety of those working around the data center as an electrical charge could result in an extreme case. Trays that collect condensation as well as dehumidifiers can work to reduce the amount of water in the air, and help to control unnecessary humidity. In addition, monitoring electricity is imperative to the success of items in the data center. If the power suddenly goes out due to environmental factors, a power generator can keep both the data center and the environmental controls going. Finally, the early detection of smoke through alarms can cause devices to automatically stop working. This can prove to be a burden to companies who are working on strict deadlines that require round the clock server usage. One way to prevent this is to connect the smoke alarms into sensors that oversee the climate of the room. This will enable the two to work together to ensure that the possible detection of smoke doesn’t directly impact the data control center.

Data control centers hold a great responsibility to overall success and productivity. It is important to ensure that environmental ailments don’t directly impact the functionality of technological devices.