Prevent Mold With a Dehumidifier

Desiccant Dehumidification Process

Prevent Mold With a Dehumidifier

The level of humidity in your home or workplace can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Everything from seasonal allergies and skin irritation to major damage to your home’s interior can be caused by too much moisture in the air. The recommended humidity level for comfortable, healthy air falls between 30-50%, with 45-55% being ideal for protecting your home from dust mites, allergens and molds.

Even small changes in weather, particularly during the warm, muggy summer months, can nudge your home’s humidity out of that range and homes in dry climates are not immune to indoor humidity either. The combination of warm showers, cooking and poor ventilation can create the same muggy environment indoors that those in moist climates work to avoid, not to mention the unexpected variables like flooding and leaks that can cause water damage to hardwood floors, cabinetry and drywall.

The Power of a Dehumidifier

For these reasons, many homeowners, contractors and business owners rely on dehumidifiers to help maintain a healthy humidity level throughout the their homes. There are many types of dehumidifiers on the market that are designed for specific needs. Read on for an overview of some of your options:

  • Homeowners: For most homeowners, a quality HVAC unit will help control the humidity in your home. When running the air conditioning, the air that is cooled will naturally become dryer as it passes through the air conditioning unit. However, in some cases humidity can increase while temperatures remain low. In this case a portable dehumidifier can take some of the humidity out of the air for you, making your home more comfortable, while also preventing condensation or mildew growth in your home’s walls and kitchen or bath areas. These are great for use in basements or to help clean up after large spills or flooding in order to protect your belongings from musty mold and mildew.
  • Construction: Remodeling, new construction or large scale clean up from floods or other disasters can be managed by larger scale desiccant dehumidifiers which can maintain air humidity regardless of air temperature, protecting existing structures and new materials from mold growth during the construction process.
  • Protection of Food Production: The requirements for food processing safety make it imperative to maintain humidity at the correct level in order to prevent mold growth on the food as well as the equipment on which the food is handled. Since humidity levels can vary drastically from month to month, dehumidifier and drying system rental can be helpful in both protecting your finished product as well as helping your HVAC run more efficiently by removing some of the burden of dehumidification.

Regardless of your needs, there are experts in your area that can help guide you to the appropriate tools for your commercial or private needs. Allied Rental Company in San Francisco, San Rafael, Petaluma and Marin gave expert consultants who can coordinate with your clean up or construction project and provide you with the equipment and accessories you need to prevent or reverse moisture damage that can lead to mold and permanent damage to your home or business.