Rent or Buy Temporary Heating Equipment in San Francisco

Rent or Buy Temporary Heating Equipment in San FranciscoNobody likes to walk into a frigid-cold home or office. If your heating system has kicked the bucket or if you need to heat an area that’s not connected to your HVAC system, contact Allied Rental Company to get a quote on buying or renting temporary heating equipment.

We offer a wide variety of temporary heating systems in San Francisco for all types of applications and room sizes. If you’re not sure which unit is right for your needs, our contractors can help you find the perfect pick. Call 415-644-5792 to get a quote or Click Here to browse through our line of temporary heating equipment.

How to Save Money When Using Temporary Heating Systems

One of the easiest ways to save money when using temporary heating equipment is to minimize its power consumption. Here are a few tips to do just that:

1. Set the Thermostat to 68 Degrees

68 degrees is just warm enough to keep your room comfortable without significantly increasing your electricity bill. You will likely notice a major uptick in power usage if you set your thermostat to anything higher than 68.

2. Turn off Your Heating System at Night

When it’s time to tuck in, you can save power by relying on warm blankets and pajamas rather than your heating system. Try to find a unit that has a “night mode,” which will turn off the system at a preset time.

3. Keep the Unit Clean

A dirty heater will run less efficiently and might even cause a fire. Be sure to clean the filter at least once each month and replace it twice per year. You should also schedule a yearly servicing from a professional to ensure the moving parts are well oiled and the connections are tight.

4. Open Your Home or Business to Sunlight

Your heating system doesn’t have to do all the work. Keep your curtains open during the day so sunlight can naturally increase your indoor temperature.

Rent or Buy Temporary Heating Equipment in San Francisco

Now that you know how to save money on temporary heating equipment, it’s time to find the perfect unit for your needs. Call ARC today at 415-644-5792 to learn about our line of temporary heating systems.