Rent or Buy Temporary Power Equipment in San Francisco

Rent or Buy Temporary Power Equipment in San FranciscoA lengthy power outage is more than just an unwelcomed inconvenience. Besides the discomfort of living without your HVAC system, your food will eventually go bad if left unrefrigerated. And if you own a business, being offline for just a few hours could translate into a significant loss of revenue.

If you need emergency power backup services in San Francisco, turn to Allied Rental Company. We offer a wide selection of temporary power equipment to rent or buy. Call 415-644-5792 to get a quote or Click Here to browse through our line of temporary power systems.

How to Save Money When Using Temporary Power Equipment

Before you switch on your temporary power system, it’s important that you take steps to reduce its fuel consumption. Here are a few tips to help your unit run more efficiently:

1. Find the “Sweet Spot”

Many people mistakenly assume that the lowest possible setting is the most efficient mode to run temporary power equipment. However, just as vehicles run more efficiently at higher speeds, the “sweet spot” for most power systems is not the lowest setting.

In fact, running your power system at the lowest possible capacity for a long period of time, known as “wet stacking,” can actually shorten the lifespan of your unit. This translates into higher maintenance cost in addition to increased fuel consumption. Be sure to ask the contractor who sells or rents the system to you for the optimal efficiency setting.

2. Place Your System at Sea Level

You may already know that your emergency power system will have to be placed outside since it produces toxic fumes. What many people overlook, though, is the fact that a power system runs more efficiently in certain areas. Specifically, most units run optimally at sea level.

3. Practice Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential for maximizing the lifespan of your temporary power system and reducing fuel consumption. Be sure to check your system from time to time for decaying cables, battery corrosion, and oil or fuel leaks. It’s also a good idea to schedule a professional servicing before each storm season.

Emergency Power Backup Services in San Francisco

Besides minimizing fuel consumption, one of the easiest ways to reduce the overall cost of a temporary power system is to rent or buy your unit from a trusted provider. At Allied Rental Co., our team can help you find the perfect system for your needs without overpaying for features that you don’t need. Call us today at 415-644-5792 to get a quote.