When Do You Need Emergency Drying Equipment in San Francisco?

When Do You Need Emergency Drying Equipment in San Francisco?It’s easy to associate water damage with wet furniture and soaked carpet, but if left unaddressed, a minor flood or burst pipe could wreak havoc on your home and cost a small fortune to repair. The best way to reduce the overall restoration cost is to act quickly. Emergency drying equipment, such as air movers and dehumidifiers, can help you prevent mold growth, excessive structural damage, and possibly even salvage your furniture and belongings.

The bottom line: The cost of renting or buying commercial drying equipment will very likely be offset by the amount of money you save by preventing further damage to your home. Contact Allied Rental Company to find out if emergency drying equipment would be helpful in your particular situation. Call 415-644-5792 to learn more, or browse our site to compare our line of commercial drying equipment.

Read on to learn a few common reasons why business- and homeowners invest in emergency drying equipment:

1. Floods

It goes without saying that floodwaters can cleave a path of destruction. Besides bringing dirt and debris into your home, floodwaters can damage the structure of your home and increase the overall humidity level. Even after you have extracted the standing water, the conditions are still ideal for mold growth and dry rot. Air movers and dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity level in your home, preventing mold outbreaks and further damage.

2. Pipe Leaks

If left unaddressed, a small pipe leak can quickly build into major water damage. Just like a natural flood, water from a pipe leak can cause structural damage and raise the humidity in a room. The faster you apply an air mover and dehumidifier, the easier (and less expensive) the restoration process will be.

3. High Humidity

Even if your home did not sustain major water damage, high humidity levels alone can cause dry rot or mold growth. As a general rule, if you notice mold growth or dry rot, it’s a good idea to bring in a dehumidifier and air mover to prevent further damage.

Rent or Buy Commercial Drying Equipment in San Francisco

If you need emergency drying equipment to restore your home, contact ARC for help finding the best unit for your particular needs. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best air mover or dehumidifier without overpaying. Call 415-644-5792 to learn more.