Optimizing the Efficiency of Your Commercial Drying Equipment in San Francisco

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Optimizing the Efficiency of Your Commercial Drying Equipment in San FranciscoIt’s easy to feel hopeless after a major flood or burst pipe has wreaked havoc on your home. But taking action quickly is critical to mitigate the damage. The longer excess moisture is allowed to circulate throughout your home, the higher the probability of causing mold growth, dry rot, and structural damage. This is where commercial drying equipment can help.

If you’re looking for emergency drying equipment in San Francisco, such as dehumidifiers or air movers, contact Allied Restoration Company. One of our trained technicians will help you find the right unit for your needs and budget. Click Here to browse through our line of commercial drying equipment, or call us today at 415-644-5792 to learn more.

Let’s examine a few ways to optimize the efficiency of your emergency drying equipment:

1. Placement

The location of your dehumidifier or air mover will have a profound impact on its ability to expel the maximum amount of water. The wind trajectory of your air mover should be low to the ground, and it should be unobstructed for the longest distance possible. When using a dehumidifier, you want to place your unit in the center of the area being dehumidified.

2. Power and Capacity

If you’re worried about power consumption, you definitely don’t want to invest in an air mover or dehumidifier that is too powerful for your needs. If the room you are drying is 2,000 square feet or larger, you’re going to need a large dehumidifier with a capacity of 22 to 37 pints. If the room is small (about 500 square feet), you should be able to get away with a capacity of about 10 to 16 pints.

When comparing air movers, be sure to check the cubic feet per minute (CFM) measurement, which is the amount of air the unit can move in 60 second. Another factor to consider is horsepower. Air movers range from about ¼ horsepower to 1 horsepower. If you need help finding the right size air mover for your needs, call ARC today at 415-644-5792.

3. Look for the ENERGY STAR

While some features make dehumidifiers easier to use, others are designed to reduce energy consumption and save you money. Dehumidifiers that are ENERGY STAR certified are designed to minimize energy consumption using the latest technology related to compressors, refrigeration coils, and fans. These models use about 15 percent less energy than conventional dehumidifiers.

Commercial & Emergency Drying Equipment in San Francisco

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