Portable water extractor

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Portable Water Extractors with Auto Pump out

Tank capacity: 12 gallon

Dimensions (H × W × D) 40.2″ x 22.5″ x 24.8″

Weight 132 lbs

Amperage 12A (Blower + 1 Pumpout)

13.5A (Blower + 2 Pumpout)

Accessories included One 25 ft. section of 2 in. vacuum hose with cuffs

Maximum performance ratings: Blower 1 (low blower): 8 in. Hg (108 in. H2O)

Blower 2 (high blower): 10 in. Hg (136 in. H2O)

Both blowers: 12 in. Hg (164 in. H2O)

Pumpout discharge rate, 1½ in. outlet: 50 gpm

Pumpout discharge rate, ¾ in. outlet: 12 gpm

High vacuum performance – Dual vacuum blowers and 2-inch inlets and outlets for maximum airflow.
High maneuverability – Unique vacuum hose and housing design makes moving the unit easy – just pull on the hose! The slim, 22.5-inch profile smoothly rollson 8-inch pneumatic wheels and fits through the narrowest doors.
High-capacity waste tank – A 12-gallon tank means fewer trips to the drain.
Auto pumpout and quick gravity drain – Features a standard garden hose connection for auto-pumpout, or you can use the large toilet-height gravity drain.
Exhaust air passes through HEPA filter – This handy feature captures contaminates instead of spreading them!
Superior debris handling – The filtering system captures debris before it gets to the truck mount tank, saving you cleanup time.