Wedding Bouquet Preservation with Freeze Dying

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For many couples, their wedding day is the most important moment of their joined lives. Representing the culmination of their love and journey thus far, it is understandable that brides and grooms want to preserve as many elements of their magical day as possible.

While this typically takes place via photographs, videos, and memory books, freeze drying can also offer a unique addition to your marital memorabilia by preserving your wedding bouquet for years to come.

flower freezdryer rentals

What is freeze drying?
Freeze drying is a preservation process in which the focus is the removal of moisture to extend the lifespan of objects. Using a scientific process known as sublimation, the moisture content is removed from frozen items as a gas without needing to first be converted into a liquid. This process helps to preserve the item in a form as close to the original object, pre-drying.

Why choose freeze drying?

Brides have been preserving their wedding flowers for over a century. In prior decades, the most common methods were air drying, often exacerbated through heat or pressing. While these methods were effective, they often lead to brittle, fragile, shrunken flora with once-vibrant colors dulled to brown-tinged shades.

Because freeze drying does not require heat, quite the reverse in fact as the name suggests, the structure of the bloom is uncompromised, leaving flowers looking as full and shapely as when they were freshly cut. Colors also remain just as vibrant, as there is no bleaching or discolouration from oxidisation or sun exposure. Also, unlike pressing, for example, there is little risk of contamination, as any microscopic bugs or bacteria are killed off in the freezing process.

How to Get Your Bouquet Freeze Dried

Preparing to have your bouquet freeze dried should certainly be a part of your wedding planning. It is best to arrange your freeze-drying appointment around two weeks in advance to ensure availability.

Being careful with your bouquet during your special day is also a must. Freeze-drying preserves flora in whatever condition they arrived in and cannot account for lost petals or snapped stems. With this in mind, if you intend to indulge in the traditional throwing of the bouquet, it is advisable you opt for a separate, cheaper floral arrangement for this activity. Considerations such as these will help to ensure you gain the best possible result from the preservation process.

Finally, you need to consider the timeline of your wedding events. If, for example, you’re planning to jet off to your honeymoon location the next day, you’ll need to make sure you have a friend or family member available to initiate the preservation process, as final outcomes really can vary wildly depending on how long the bouquet is kept unfrozen.

Freeze Drying as Modern Memorabilia
Freeze-drying technology is allowing couples worldwide to preserve their wedding memories in ways unheard of just a handful a decades ago. Not only does freeze drying allow you to keep your bouquet forever pristine and as beautiful as it was on your special day, but your bouquet can also be displayed in a variety of different frames and cases, creating a uniquely personal yet stylish addition to your home.